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Gamepad Review

Why Invest in a Gamepad for your Computer?

PCs are a great gaming investment. Since you can swap parts and upgrade components, your computer will long outlive and outpace consoles. However, you may have trouble getting used to playing with a mouse and keyboard at first. If you're unable to get into the game, you may want to try a PC gamepad.

When you are shopping for a gaming controller, you need something that will work for any game you play. Some games simply work better with a mouse and keyboard, especially real-time strategy games. But other games are unplayable without a gamepad, like racing games. If you're buying a gamepad for certain types of games, you should make sure that it will work for all games in that genre.

We reviewed the best PC gamepads available. Of the many gaming controllers, the Razer Sabertooth, Razer Onza TE and Logitech F710 were the best we tested. These have the best features, consistency and support. You can read all of our gamepad reviews and check out our articles about PC controllers.

Gamepads: What to Look For

These gamepads plug directly into your computer and let you customize the buttons just as you like them so you can be in command of your character. But not all gamepads are the same. That's why we used the following criteria to evaluate and rank the best products to help you decide which is the best for you.

The best PC gamepads have all the controls you would expect from a console controller. Most controllers have customizable action buttons. Some are wireless while others leash you to the computer. We also looked at extra features, including vibration feedback, pressure-sensitive triggers and dual analog joysticks.

It's important that a gamepad is both comfortable to hold and easy to use. Many gamers want a familiar interface, and we compare these controllers to console controllers. We also judge gamepads by how well they stay in your hands. The best controllers have rubber grips to help you stay in control.

We prefer controllers that work on multiple devices. All of the controllers on our lineup are PC compatible, but some of them also work on consoles or mobile devices. We also treat each version of Windows like a separate platform. If a controller works with Windows 7 but lacks the support to play games on Windows 8 computers, we make a point of that.

Help & Support
Though help and support may not seem like a big deal when it comes to something like a plug-and-play gamepad, we wanted to make sure that if you had any questions about using or setting up the device, you can get the answers you need. These come in the way of FAQs, manuals and even a phone number or email address to contact the manufacturer.

Your computer will outlive your consoles and will see the best gaming advancements, but if you don't feel comfortable playing, you'll never get a chance to see what the buzz is about. If you're having trouble getting into the game with a mouse and a keyboard, the best PC gamepad will give you a familiar interface with programmable buttons for a customized gaming experience.

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