The Singing Machine STVG-519 karaoke machine is a streamlined, all-in-one system that comes with the accessories to make your karaoke party a success. It includes two wired microphones, a two-digit LED track display and a 5.5-inch monitor for reading lyrics. Its modest dimensions and light weight make it easy to store or transport anywhere.

The karaoke machine plays any CD or CD+G and comes with a demo disc so you can start singing right away. CD+G discs let you view lyrics on the system’s integrated 5.5-inch black and white monitor, which scrolls as you read. A convenient aux-in option also lets you enjoy MP3 and MP3+G songs from external devices, expanding the variety of song favorites you can enjoy.

The system has built-in speakers, or you can plug it in to a TV with the included RCA cables through the video and audio output. On-board controls, including a two-digit LED track display, make it easy for anyone to make adjustments to a song.

Two microphone slots give you the option to sing solo or with a friend. Like the Memorex SingStand 2, only one wired microphone is included, so you will need to buy another if you want to sing a duet. While many other systems include wireless microphones, this one does not. However, it is compatible with wireless microphone options.

Independent volume controls for the microphones allow you to create the perfect balance in a song between vocals and track audio. Special vocal controls, such as echo and balance effects, let you add a layer of quality to your tracks. There is also a key control feature that lets you modulate the key of any song up or down slightly, so it fits perfectly into your vocal range. Additionally, the Auto Voice Control fades pre-recorded vocals out when you start singing.

With a compact design and a stylish black and silver finish, the system matches other modern electronics. Weighing about 11 pounds, and with dimensions of 11.3 x 12.6 x 17.4 inches, the system is portable and easy to store, but it is compact and attractive enough to leave on display.

The Singing Machine STVG-519 is a versatile piece of karaoke equipment. The two microphone jacks let you enjoy singing duets, and you can read CD+G lyrics directly on the system’s built-in 5.5-inch screen. Plus, you can adjust song keys and voice tracks with the vocal enhancement options similar to those on the VocoPro JamCube 2. The compact machine is easy to store and to transport, so you can enjoy almost anywhere.

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