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Kodak Pixpro SP1 Review

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PROS / Good controls make this camera easy to use.

CONS / This camera is a little bulkier than similar devices.

 VERDICT / The Kodak Pixpro SP1 is an excellent choice for those looking for an inexpensive, high-quality camera. It provides good enough image quality for most people and a control system that's easy to understand. It's is a good option for casual users.

The Pixpro SP1 is a midrange action cam from Kodak that offers a robust design, good controls and solid image quality. While these features are nothing unusual for an action camera, they're all most users will need to capture the footage they're after. If it's slow-motion video or high-resolution shooting you're after, however, you should check out our higher-ranked products that are intended for professionals and enthusiasts.

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The standard shooting resolution for most action cameras is 1080p. Staying true to its midrange focus, the SP1 reaches this standard but offers nothing beyond it. There are, of course, lower resolutions like 720p or 480p, but there's not option to shoot at 2.7K or 4K – even with reduced framerates.

  1. The maximum field of view the camera can shoot at while in 1080p HD.
    More is Better.
  2. 9 Kodak Pixpro SP1
    160 Degrees
  3. 170 Degrees
  4. 170 Degrees
  5. 160 Degrees
  6. Category Average
    148.60 Degrees

Speaking of framerates, the SP1 is capable of shooting at up to 120 frames per second when shooting in 480p. This allows users to edit their footage to display in extreme slow motion, which can be useful despite the drop in resolution. At higher resolutions like 720p and 1080p, the maximum framerates are 60 and 30 frames per second respectively.

Battery life for action cameras is very important, especially so if you don't plan to purchase a backup. The battery life for the action camcorders in our lineup vary between 70 and 210 minutes of recording time, with the average being 131 minutes. With the SP1, you'll be able to record a respectable 130 minutes per charge.

It's important to note that the SP1 is bulkier than many action cameras. We tested these cameras using a chest mount while rock climbing and found that the SP1 is more cumbersome than some of the other cameras we tested. If you need something more compact, check out our top-rated cameras, but keep in mind that smaller devices usually have shorter battery life.


Overall, the SP1 is a solid action camera. It offers everything you'd expect from a modern action cam – good recording options, wireless connectivity, durability and controls. It must be said, however, that the SP1 offers each of these features in a smaller capacity than the best action cameras, although at a lower price. For this reason, the Kodak Pixpro SP1 is a good option for those who want wide-angle HD recording but don't care to produce the slowest slow-motion or the highest resolutions.

Kodak Pixpro SP1 Visit Site