Pros / The features, the design, the ease of use and the user manual are all exceptional.

Cons / Customer support team doesn’t respond via email.

 Verdict / This is our top choice among digital cameras for children, the best in every area.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

There are several reasons why the KidiZoom Plus stands out as the choice product among digital cameras for kids. This camera provides two megapixels of resolution, which may not compare to high-end adult models but is a whopping 0.7 megapixels above its nearest competitor. Some of the best digital cameras for children still slack on providing an adequate amount of memory for the kids to use; KidiZoom Plus not only provides the highest amount of memory but also has an SD slot for additional memory. We were impressed by the features, design and ease of this product and think you will be too.

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In addition to capturing still pictures this digital camera for kids will allow them to create digital videos. The videos can be transferred to the computer just as easily as a still photo. Another feature found only in digital cameras for children is the capability to play games built right into them. Your kids can be entertained for hours by the features on this camera. Other plusses include a photo editor, which will edit and add special effects to pictures, and an option that allows your kids to add up to 10 seconds of voice narration to any photo.

Out of all the digital cameras for children none offer the quality or the quantity of features that the KidiZoom Plus makes available. It provides a playback mode which allows your kids to view the pictures that they have taken on a 1.8” color LCD screen located on the back. In addition, it can connect straight to your TV for another convenient way to view pictures and movies.


You can tell by looking at it that this is a digital camera for kids. The large, plastic exterior will be easy to grip with little hands and was built to survive accidental drops that, let’s face it, are more than likely to occur. The buttons were designed larger than on most digital cameras for children and add to the ease of use.

Because the children in our lives like to take picture after picture we felt like a large memory was ideal to avoid countless trips to the computer to download. The KidiZoom Plus provided more storage than any of the other digital cameras for kids plus provided an SD slot for additional memory. The camera runs on AA batteries which we felt is convenient because the batteries can be purchased at most stores and disposed of, or we can insert rechargeable AA batteries providing us with different options based on the child’s age and circumstance.

As we mentioned above the color LCD display screen size is 1.8” and provides the children with a nice size screen for viewing pictures. The camera weighs slightly over one pound and is light enough for the kids to tote. We found that while the children feel more confident and grown-up with a camera, we felt relaxed and at ease knowing it was designed for them and for their little hands.


With our top digital camera for kids users will be able to tell that every aspect was designed for the children. The two-eye viewfinder, large buttons and easy to grip design make this extremely easy to use. We felt like most of the buttons were self-explanatory but if there are any questions the User Manual is a great place to turn.

Because many kids are often on the go VTech added an automatic shut-off mode to their digital cameras for children. If your child for some reason forgets to turn it off after use, the KidiZoom Plus will automatically shut down after several minutes without use. They have also designed an image of a battery that will help you and your kids know when the batteries need to be changed.

From taking a picture to editing it and putting it on your computer, your kids will find the camera enjoyable and easy to use. There are some steps (for instance connecting the camera to a TV or computer) that we felt would be better completed with an adult. Those steps are nearly hassle-free and can be accomplished in just a matter of minutes before turning control back over to your children.

Help & Support

VTech Electronics of North America has created several options for you to contact them regarding any questions or problems with their digital cameras for children. An email address, toll-free telephone number, warranty registration and user’s manual can all be found through the product page on the VTech website.

We attempted to contact a customer support representative through the email address provided on their website and were disappointed that we never received a response. Our choice method of customer service with VTech is through their toll-free telephone number. Within a few short minutes we were connected to a representative who was able to answer all of our questions regarding the camera. We were pleased with their knowledge, their demeanor and efficiency in getting us help as quickly as possible.

There is a warranty through the company that runs for one year from the date of purchase. Your child’s digital camera can be registered through the VTech website once you set up a free VTech account. After you sign up you will receive a monthly newsletter, access to the Parent’s Center, promotional offers and information on new VTech products hitting the market. The company puts forth a great deal of effort into keeping their customers invested in the products and quality the company offers.

We were very impressed by the VTech Kidizoom Plus User Manual, also on the VTech website. The User Manual is very well designed and easy to navigate and understand. It begins with the Product Features and overviews the unique layout of the digital camera for children. It states the name, shows a graphic and details the function of each button you and your kids will find on the camera. The manual goes on to explain in detail each function and includes information about how to perform or access each of the functions and features available. Some of these include: inserting the batteries, inserting a memory card, connecting to a TV, connecting to a computer and accessing the activities.


The KidiZoom Plus tops its competitors and is ranked the best digital camera for children aged 3-6 years old. No other digital camera for kids could top the quality, features, design and ease that this camera provides. Its closest competitors, the Kid Tough Digital Camera and the Disney Pix Jr. Digital Camera, are among the best digital cameras for kids but still provide only a little over half the resolution quality KidiZoom Plus offers and less than half the memory capacity. This camera is one thing that your kids will agree with you on.

Vtech Kidizoom 80-077341 Visit Site