Pros / It can be used effectively as a feeder camera.

Cons / Its weak detection circuit and mediocre image quality means animals have to pass relatively close to the A-5 to be photographed.

 Verdict / The Moultrie A-5 is an excellent value if you own a feeder and want to monitor the activity around it. However, its narrow detection range and weak flash means it won't work well to cover a large area.

Moultrie is arguably the most well-known name in the game camera industry. The Moultrie A-5 is an entry-level camera that provides essential performance at a reasonable price.

The A-5 has mediocre image quality. The field of view is 42 degrees, which is about 20 percent narrower than the average trail cam. Its flash range is only 50 feet, which is much shorter than most of the cameras we reviewed. This means the A-5 can only photograph a small area, so you'll need to know specifically where the animals will be.

The A-5 has a 5-megapixel resolution. That's low compared to other cameras, but it's to be expected for a trail camera in this price range. While the A-5's photos are not as crisp as images from a higher-resolution camera, they still provide enough detail to easily identify animals roaming your property. In video mode, the A-5 shoots standard-definition 640 x 480 video, which is clear enough to provide engaging videos.

The A-5's detection circuit is disappointing. Its detection range is 40 feet, about 10 feet shorter than most of the trail cams we reviewed. Its detection angle is a narrow 42 degrees, which, again, means you need to know specifically where the wildlife will be in order to get a good image.

The weakest part of the detection circuit is the recovery time. The quickest recovery setting on the A-5 is 60 seconds. This means it takes a full minute after a picture for the A-5 to be ready to be triggered again. If a deer wanders into the path of the A-5, it is unlikely it will stay in the camera's detection zone long enough for you to get a second image.

To its credit, the A-5 does have a respectable trigger speed of 1.5 seconds. This should be quick enough to capture most wildlife that pass through its detection zone, although if they're running, you might not get them in the center of the frame.

Like all newer Moultrie game cameras, the A-5 has an external power input jack, so you can plug it into an external battery pack or solar panel. This is especially useful if you rarely visit your trail cams and want to leave them unattended for months on end.

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  • Detection Angle
  • Trigger Speed
  • Picture Resolution
  • Recovery Time
  1. The width of the camera's detection zone.
    Degrees (More is better)
  2. 10  Moultrie A-5
    42.0 Degrees
  3. 150.0 Degrees
  4. 55.0 Degrees
  5. 55.0 Degrees
  6. Category Average
    58.78 Degrees


The Moultrie A-5 is not a bad product; it's just limited in what it can do. The camera's detection zone is too small to be effective overlooking a large field or meadow. It's best suited as a feeder cam, in situations when you know exactly what area you want to monitor. Used in that way, it's an excellent value and a good choice as a basic hunting camera.

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