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Pros / It is one of the most affordable cameras we reviewed.

Cons / It can only shoot in HD at an unacceptable 15 fps.

 Verdict / The Take 1 should really be considered a standard-definition pocket camcorder, because it can only shoot in 720p if you lower the frame rate to 15 fps.

The Bell & Howell Take 1 HD is an affordable pocket camcorder with below-average video quality. It can shoot in 720p HD, but with a serious caveat: You have to set the frame rate to 15 fps. This is quite low, as the lowest frame rate you should film in is 24 fps. It can shoot at 30 fps in 480p standard definition, but you'll notice a significant difference in video quality between 720p and 480p.

This is a small video camera that can fit rather easily in your pocket. It's about 9 inches tall and less than 4 inches deep. It has a 1.8-inch preview screen that can fold out to the side of the camera or stay directly behind the camera body. You use the screen as a viewfinder for your shot and to review your footage. It also has a fold-out USB arm for easy uploading to a computer.

This pocket camcorder has a 4x digital zoom. You'll notice an abrupt degradation of video quality as you use digital zoom, because it is merely cropping the 720p or 480p video and enlarging the pixels to fill the screen.

One of this camera's biggest weaknesses is its reliance on three AAA batteries. The best pocket camcorders have a rechargeable battery, which saves you money and hassle. You store the photos or videos you take with the Take 1 HD on an SD memory card. You can use a memory card with up to 16GB of storage, which stores a few hours of video.

Bell & Howell offers phone and email support. It also has a social media team. We found that it was difficult to get in touch with its support representatives, but when we did, they were friendly and fairly knowledgeable about the product. Bell & Howell offers a one-year warranty on the Take 1 HD.

  • Max Resolution
  • Max Memory Expansion
  • Max Frames-per-Second
  1. The highest resolution the camcorder can shoot at, regardless of frame rate.
    More is Better
  2. 7  Bell & Howell Take 1 HD
    720.0 p
  3. 1080.0 p
  4. 2  GE DV1
    1080.0 p
  5. 3  HTC RE
    1080.0 p
  6. Category Average
    870.0 p


The Bell & Howell Take 1 HD is a seriously outdated product. Its inability to shoot in high definition at an acceptable frame rate means that most cameras, including almost every new smartphone, outperform it. However, the Take 1 HD is quite affordable and might be an ideal gift for a child who is not ready for a smartphone or a similarly expensive electronic.

Bell & Howell Take 1 HD Visit Site