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Pros / At the manufacturer's price point, it's one of the most affordable cameras we reviewed.

Cons / It has mediocre image quality.

 Verdict / This camera is not a serious videographer's tool, but it is cheap.

The Vivitar DVR 410 is a mediocre pocket camcorder with below-average image quality. Its defining quality is the manufacturer's low price point.

This small video camera is limited to shooting in 480p, commonly referred to as standard definition. It's the only pocket camcorder we reviewed that can't shoot in high definition. The practical difference between 480p and 720p (HD) is actually rather significant. You'll notice that the picture is less sharp. Additionally, if you do any zooming during the editing process, the picture quality degrades much quicker than if you zoomed in on an HD picture.

Another video quality issue for the DVR 410 is its low frame rates. It can only shoot at a maximum of 30 fps. Some of the best pocket camcorders can shoot at 60 fps or even 120 fps. While 30 fps is sufficient for playback of videos at a standard frame rate, you won't be able to play back your videos in slow motion without them being jerky.

This unit can shoot 8-megapixel still photos, so you can use it like a normal digital camera. It doesn't have a flash, though, so you'll have to shoot when lighting conditions are good.

One of this camera's biggest weaknesses is its lack of a rechargeable battery. Instead, it takes three AAA batteries. Even though you might get a few hours of recording time out of the AAAs, you'll have to constantly be purchasing batteries.

The camera is 10 inches high and has a rectangular shape. It has a preview screen that is both a viewfinder and a display for playing back videos. It also has a fold-out USB arm that you can use to upload videos and pictures to your computer.

Vivitar offers a one-year warranty on the DVR 410. It has phone and email support, but we found it difficult to reach its support teams.

  • Max Resolution
  • Max Memory Expansion
  • Max Frames-per-Second
  1. The highest resolution the camcorder can shoot at, regardless of frame rate.
    More is Better
  2. 8  Vivitar DVR 410
    480.0 p
  3. 1080.0 p
  4. 2  GE DV1
    1080.0 p
  5. 3  HTC RE
    1080.0 p
  6. Category Average
    870.0 p


The best thing about the Vivitar DVR 410 is that it's among the most affordable pocket camcorders. Its video quality is significantly behind some of its competitors, though, and its reliance on AAA batteries is an unnecessary annoyance.

Vivitar DVR 410 Visit Site