It's more than a bike. It's more than an elliptical. It works your legs. It works your core. Stand-up bikes are hitting the market, and the ElliptiGO elliptical bike is unique, stylish and addicting. The ElliptiGO mimics the motion of an elliptical machine, but still appeals to runners and cyclists by combining elements from each. This elliptical bike takes the workout outside and creates very little impact on your body, yet gives you the cardio workout associated with running or cycling. The rider pushes on the pedals, but unlike a traditional elliptical machine, the ElliptiGO moves the way a runner would. It also exercises your core muscles, as you have to use them to balance.

Balance is a concern for most new riders, but anyone who can ride a bike can use the ElliptiGO. Your core muscles will quickly take over and support you. The low-impact workout is easy on the knees and is particularly great for injured or former athletes. This elliptical bike allows the athlete to stay fit without risking aggravating their injuries or their bodies further. The low impact workout is also nice for using the elliptical bike as a commuting device. Your athlete can get from home to work without breaking too much of a sweat, if they take it easy. There is also little risk of their clothes being caught in the mechanics. The ability to move from casual to workout is another reason why the ElliptiGO is the best Christmas gift for the fitness fanatic.

Imagine their eyes light up as they see all of the opportunities before them. They can now take their workout outside, be mobile and reclaim a vestige of their former glory. This is more than an elliptical you'd find in the gym; it is mobile and can keep up with most bicycles.

The downside about the ElliptiGO is it carries a hefty price tag. It is quite a bit of money right up front; however, it is well built and durable. Many of the pieces are normal bicycle parts that can be serviced at any bike shop, and there are only a few parts that are exclusive to ElliptiGO. Regular maintenance and care will keep the ElliptiGO moving for a long time. To get even more value out of this bike, you can purchase the optional stationary trainer to keep your workout indoors. If the weather turns nasty, you can still use this bike for exercise.

The ElliptiGO comes in three different styles with different colors option for each style. For flat, paved roads and mild hills, the 3C style offers three gears for resistance while riding, as well as four color options. The 8C has eight resistance levels, four color options and is a better hill-climber than the 3C model. The 11R is the lightest version of the ElliptiGO with 11 resistance levels, or gears. It can also climb hills and is designed for racing. The 11R model only has one color option and is the most expensive of the three styles. There are several accessory options - everything from toe cages to keep the rider's feet on the pedals, to car racks to make it easier to transport.

If you know a runner that can't run anymore, an athlete in training or just a fitness fanatic looking to try something new, then the ElliptiGO is a perfect fit. Although this elliptical bike carries a large price tag, it will get them out and moving, and they'll be hooked before you know it. The versatility allows you to take it indoors with the optional stationary trainer when the weather turns bad, and they can use it while getting around town.

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