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Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab Review

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Inexpensive Christmas gifts that can both teach and entertain are hard to come by, but the Star Wars Science Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab does just that. With this kit, you receive various parts to a miniature lightsaber, including different colored crystals to change the blade color. You can then put the lightsaber together, which can help teach you or your kids about engineering and especially light and optics.

The tech lab kit comes with seven essential pieces: there's the lightsaber, four colored crystals and two lenses. Playing with the different lenses is where the learning especially comes in to play, as the different lenses do different things to the lights. You can learn how these lenses change the light from a focused lightsaber blade to a wide angle. To help with the learning process, a science poster is included in this toy. Both English and Spanish versions of the poster are included.

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You can customize your lightsaber's color with the four colored crystals. You can choose a blue blade, like Anakin's (before he turns into a Sith Lord); a green saber, like Yoda's; a purple blade, like Mace Windu's; or a red saber, if the crystal is bleeding, because you turned to the Dark Side like Kylo Ren or Darth Vader. The lightsaber is very easy to put together, and the box includes instructions to help you assemble your elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

You should be aware that all of the parts that come with this tech lab are very small. If you're considering this Christmas gift idea, be sure you buy it for someone who won't choke on the pieces. The box recommends that this toy be given to someone ages six or older.

One of the only drawbacks to this cool and cheap Christmas gift is that it only comes with one lightsaber. This makes having epic Force battles somewhat difficult. If you want to have lightsaber fights, you will have to purchase more than one Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab.

Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Science Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab is an excellent choice for an inexpensive but cool Christmas gift. It is especially helpful if you'd like to give your child or other loved one who's a kid at heart something that's educational as well as fun. Just be sure that you're only giving this to someone old enough to be safe with it (meaning that they won't choke on the pieces or jab someone's eye). This is certainly a gift worth thinking about if you're looking for something affordable and fun for the Star Wars fan in your life.

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