Half of Americans have already started holiday gift buying as shoppers warned to buy early

Half of Americans have already started holiday gift buying as shoppers warned to buy early
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The holiday season is months away, but a new survey from OnePoll on behalf of Affirm has found that 47% of shoppers have started their Christmas shopping early this year. The news comes as shoppers in the UK are warned to buy early or risk missing out on delivery slots ahead of what is set to be a busy holiday season for retailers. 

Speaking to the BBC, Andy Mulcahy from the industry body for online retailers said "we think the volumes are going to be really very excessive this year. Whilst that in itself is not a problem, getting too much of it too close to Christmas is going to be a bit of a problem.” 

The concern is not a shortage of products, but online delivery slots. “We can expect an increase of at least 30% for the peak festive trading season, but if stores have to close this might push to 50%.” Although the prediction applies to UK markets, recent moves by US retailers could indicate similar concerns. Best Buy announced only yesterday that it is hiring thousands of employees to work at stores and distribution centers nationwide during the holiday shopping season.

Making a list, checking it twice...

Half of Americans have already started holiday gift buying as shoppers warned to buy early

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Buying in advance will make timely delivery far more likely, especially as many turn online to make shopping easier and safer, is a smart move for many US buyers. The rush on holiday shopping may come as a surprise in light of the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is not necessarily the case that shoppers will be spending more this holiday season. The survey found that three-quarters of respondents plan “to use the money they would have spent traveling this year to purchase more gifts for their loved ones”, and strategic planning could mean shoppers make some serious savings in the next few months. 

With Prime Day and Black Friday within sight, holiday shoppers could be counting on the best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals in advance of the holiday season to make important savings and ensure that gifts arrive in time for the holiday season. If you’re in a position to start planning your holiday shopping for Prime Day, here are some of the top deals you can expect this year:

Beyond Prime Day, retailers anywhere from the best online shoe stores to the best photo card companies will be gearing up for a rush on holiday orders.

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