Gift Card Granny review

It doesn't offer as much as other gift card exchange sites, but what Gift Cards Granny does it does well.

Gift Card Granny
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Not the one for you if you're looking to sell a gift card, but Gift Card Granny is a reliable site with great customer satisfaction.


  • +

    Informative and user-friendly website, with an additional option of an app

  • +

    Recently BBB accredited with an impressive A- rating

  • +

    Cashback option means you save money on every purchase


  • -

    Modest deals which didn’t impress

  • -

    It won’t buy your gift card (but it’ll help you sell it elsewhere)

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Gift Card Granny claims to have saved its customers $150 million. You can browse gift cards from the best gift card exchange websites to find the deepest discounts and best offers on the market. 

Along with a different take on their buying options, this website has a plethora of gift card-related information. There is a blog about DIY projects, money-saving hacks and shopping tips. There are a multitude of other articles to read, and they're all aimed at saving you time and money. You can also check out gift card news and read studies about how millennials are saving money and how electronic gift cards work, among other things. 

There’s also an option of an app, bringing the site up to speed with key contenders, and a browser extension so you’re always notified of the best deals.  One thing that sets Gift Card Granny apart, however, is the inability to sell them your gift card.

 Gift Card Granny: Selling your gift card 

  • Won't buy your gift cards 
  • Comparison option isn't always accurate 

Gift Card Granny won’t buy your unwanted gift cards. However, she’ll tell you where best to go if you’re looking to get the biggest payout. Simply enter the brand and amount and within seconds Gift Card Granny will list the top five companies to sell with, the amount they’ll offer and how they’re willing to pay you, be it check or paypal. 

We tried to sell a $20 Walmart card and got several offers from a handful of websites including CardCash and Gift Card Spread, but the best offer we got was $17.00 from GiftCash. Whilst this automated comparison is a fantastic idea, we were disappointed to find that this listing wasn’t accurate when clicking through on the link, as GiftCash don’t accept cards below the value of $25. Still, it’s a good way of figuring out how much you can realistically get for your gift cards. This will vary depending on the supply and demand of the card you’re trying to sell, and if you’d like to talk to a real person about it you can visit certain stores to complete the transaction. You can enter your zip code on the website to see the location closest to you.

 Gift Card Granny: Buying gift cards 

  • Cashback if you can't find a discount
  • Customisable eGifts gives Gift Card Granny a personal touch 

Another factor which sets Gift Card Granny apart from other gift card exchange sites is the option for cashback as well as discounts. However, this is an either/or option and you don’t get to pick. 

To gauge a gift card exchange’s selection, we looked for three common gift cards across all websites on the same day within about half an hour. The gift cards we looked for were from Macy’s, American Eagle and Walmart. As with other sites, selection varies day to day with gift card exchange websites as more cards become available and others are purchased by users. Macy’s had an 8% discounts, comparable with others such as Cardpool, but this was only available on plastic cards with eGifts offering a measly 0.5% cashback. Walmart had this same 0.5% cashback offer, but with no discounted cards available. American Eagle had no discounted cards for sale either, eGifts being the only option with $0.12 cashback available for a $20 purchase. Not a great array of offers. 

Overall, Gift Card Granny has a ton of retailers to choose from including Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks and Fandango. You're probably going to be able to find what you're looking for, but you might not get a great deal on it. Still, a little cashback is better than none, and the equivalent savings are comparable to other sites such as Cardcash. 

One feature we liked from Gift Card Granny was the option to buy an eGift and customise it with an array of designs and space to write a message. This personal touch makes Gift Card Granny a good choice if you’re shopping for others. There’s also a regularly updated curated list of gift card deals which take you to other retailers. We were impressed with this page, which took you to deals which could get you 25% hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards.

Gift Card Granny: Customer Reviews

  • A- rating with the BBB
  • Recently been accredited by the BBB

We’ve noticed a pattern of negative reviews with some of the companies we’ve looked at - with Gift Card Granny this is not the case! Gift Card Granny has an A- rating with the BBB which has consistently been built up over many years. Further to this it has recently been accredited by the BBB, which is pretty neat compared to competitors. 

Gift Card Granny: Verdict

With a free app to use on the go and lots of gift card options from dozens of exchange websites and even more retailers, Gift Card Granny has a good selection available, even if this comes in a different form to many of its competitors. If the cashback option appeals to you, this is a good option with the ability to customise eGifts for sending to loved ones. 

A big downside with Gift Card Granny is that, whilst they post lots of useful informative content and have many gift cards listed available to buy, they don’t offer you the chance to sell your gift card. If that’s what you’re after, this isn’t the site for you. 

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