Make someone’s day for free this Valentine’s day with 1-800-Flowers new e-cards

Make someone’s day for free this Valentine’s day with 1-800-Flowers new e-cards
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Head’s up: Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, and due to the pandemic, this February 14 will probably be a bit different. With this in mind, 1-800-Flowers has come out with a range of Valentine’s Day e-cards that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ face - and the best part of all, they’re totally free. 

Even if in-person dates or romantic restaurant bookings are off, one surefire way to make your partner’s day is to book get them something from an online flower delivery provider - flowers really put a smile on people's faces. However, unless you’re feeling particularly generous, it’s unlikely you’ll be sending flowers to all your friends and family this year, so opting for a free e-card is an easy way to remind them they’re loved. The range at 1-800-Flowers includes a huge variety of cards, including options for same sex couples, long-term partners, and new crushes. There are also plenty of options for those celebrating their female friendships, or “Galentine’s Day”. You can find the full list here.  

Digital delivery is instant, so you can just send the card on Valentine’s Day, no preparation needed. If you’d rather send something physical, you can check out or guide to the best Valentine’s Day card DIY sites to make your own photo card. If you order soon, you can still have a bespoke card delivered in plenty of time. 

A very COVID Valentine’s Day

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As part of its #NoLimitsOnLove Valentine’s Day promotion, 1-800-Flowers has also partnered with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment to help people celebrate their Valentine’s Day without leaving home. You can now send either new release or classic romantic movies as part of your flower delivery, and because it’s all digital you won’t need to dust off your DVD player to get it set up. 

The gift allows the recipient to choose their own movie from a long list including Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Yesterday, and our favorite Valentine’s movie, Shrek. For under $10 the recipient will be able to keep a digital copy of their movie on their Movies Anywhere account, so it’s definitely a nice option if you want a Valentine’s activity for the big day. Pair that with a gift basket and you've got a romantic night in delivered straight to your door. 

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