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Upcycling Ideas: How the Best Gift Baskets Can Keep Giving After They are Empty

When you have devoured all the goodies in your holiday gift baskets, you may wonder what to do with the container it all came in. Throwing or giving it away is always an option, but the basket can bec

Cutting the Plastic: Mobile Gift Cards

Gift cards have quickly become the most popular gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. You can’t go wrong with them. You can purchase anything you want with one, as long as it’s for

Flowers Online: Experts Say Flowers Boost Your Mood

If you feel worried, stressed out or just plain miserable, there's an inexpensive and attractive way to boost your mood and make you smile: Bring flowers into your life. No, this isn't a commercial fr

Gift Basket Ideas: What to Put in a Gift Basket to Make it Truly Unique

When I was in grade school, we didn't have a lot of money, and when a family friend had her birthday, we couldn't afford a present. Instead, my sister and I picked through our toy collection for some

Online Flower Delivery: Funeral Etiquette

Fresh and fragrant, flowers have a language all their own. This is never more evident than when someone dies and you feel both saddened and compelled to send a floral offering to make some attempt to

Card Hub: The Gift Card Aggregate

Card Hub is the Google of gift card exchange websites. More specifically, Card Hub is an easy to use search engine for gift cards. It provides comprehensive search results by aggregating other gift ca

How to Choose the Perfect Gift Card

Choosing the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion can sometimes be quite difficult. Many times in these situations, it seems simple to resort to gift cards, but the last th

Indispensable Gadgets for Ghost Hunters

Paranormal activity has spurred a variety of questions that have unclear and unknown answers. These questions have spurred many individuals to find answers, to understand the unknown and to explain th

Best Valentine's Day Gadget Gifts for Men

Intended as the time of year to show your significant other how much you care about them, traditional stores carrying Valentine's Day gifts can be a little one sided and focus only on lavish presents

Take the Guesswork Out of Christmas Gifts: Shop by Personality Type

The Christmas season brings a new kind of anxiety to shoppers everywhere. Few other times of the year require you to shop for so many people at once, and between preparing for the holidays and squeezi

Edible Gifts from Online Flower Delivery Websites

For most of the US, it’s no longer swimsuit season. While we might miss basking in the sun by the pool, the good part is that for the next few months, we can eat whatever we want. To commemorate the u

Choosing Halloween Gadgets You Can Use Year-Round

The Halloween season brings a rise in the gadget gifts available to consumers. Everything from towering animatronic monsters to ghoulish decorations hit the market, with each year bringing new surpris

Best Movie-Themed Gifts

Movies create a number of both realistic-looking and off-the-wall items to help the main characters achieve their means. Often these gadgets and the classic movies that produce them inspire the design

How to Care for Orchid Plants

Orchids are among the most exotic-looking flowers in the plant kingdom. There are thousands of species of orchids, so the first step to successful orchid care is to learn about the needs of your parti

Not Your Average Coffee Mugs: The Right Cup for Every Personality

Ever since their creation, coffee mugs have stood the test of time as the stable gift for parents and relatives everywhere. The classic "World's Greatest Dad" or "I Love My Mom" mugs make for useful b

Tricks for Saving Money on Your Favorite Gadget Gifts

Shopping for new gadget gifts can be pricey, especially computer and cell phone related items. Instead of shelling out more money than necessary, take some time to jot down these simple tricks that wi

Top 3 Gadget Gift Choices for the Geek in Your Life

Nothing excites a gadget lover more than receiving a new, unusual gadget. Whether it’s a high-tech device that’s just hit the market or an innovative take on a once ordinary and boring product, everyo

Put Down the Whisk and Start a Gift Card Fundraiser

Sick of cooking brownie after endless brownie for your children’s school bake sales? Well, thanks to the roughly $90 billion gift card market, there is another solution. Think about it, gift cards ma

How to Build a Wine Gift Basket

From anniversaries to retirement parties, wine gift baskets can make great gifts for a wide variety of special occasions. While most online gift basket services offer a wide array of wine baskets, fin

Top 10 Kids' Party Favors

To most people, kids’ party favors may seem like a minor detail of the overall celebration, but for many parents, finding the right ones can be a conundrum; how do you select party favors the kids wi

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