Kettler makes a variety of stationary exercise bikes, and they all have different sets of features and styles. It manufactures both recumbent and upright exercise bikes. Recumbent bikes from Kettler are designed to be easy to get on and off of, and they are easy on your joints – this makes them good options for the elderly and those with limited mobility. Upright bikes, such as the Kettler Polo M, are similar to road bikes and require some free movement, flexibility and athleticism to use.

Many of Kettler’s exercise bikes come with adjustable resistance levels. These resistance levels allow you adjust the intensity of your workout and can also add some variety to your routine. On the other hand, not all exercise bikes from this company come with preset workouts, so look carefully at each bike’s specifications before you purchase it to see how many, if any, are available. Many of the exercise bikes come with more than 20 workouts to choose from, and they are designed by professional personal trainers.

A lot of the company’s stationary bikes come with padded seats that you can move up and down to adjust for your height. You can also adjust the handlebars on some of these exercise bikes, which is a feature you don’t often find on this type of home gym equipment. In addition, most of these machines include a console on the handlebars where you can view your workout statistics such as the distance you’ve traveled and your pace. Some select products come with LCD consoles that are easy to read and enjoyable to use.

The extra features Kettler includes vary by bike model. However, many of this company’s bikes are missing entertainment features such as sound systems, MP3 connections or USB charging stations. Even features such as water bottle holders, book rests and cooling fans are not available on all of its products. Some of the machines have heart rate sensors or are compatible with heart rate monitoring products.

The frames on most Kettler exercise bikes are covered under a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Parts and labor are often covered for three years.

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