When purchasing a new appliance, getting rid of your old dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. may be the last thing on your mind. But the day will come when your new appliance is ready to be installed and your old appliance still haunts your home. Many times it will end up in your garage, adding even more clutter to an already over-crowded space. The question,  How do you appropriately get rid of old appliances?  may be floating around in your mind, and we ve done some digging to find out what to do. First of all, you can t just throw it away. Refrigerators and air conditioners contain refrigerant, an ozone-depleting and harmful substance, which can contaminate ground water if not properly disposed.

Depending on where you live, improper disposal of appliances can be punishable by either a fine or jail time. To avoid this situation entirely, we ve come up with six different options to help you dispose of your appliances properly:

Sell   Most likely there is someone out there who is looking to upgrade as well, only perhaps your old dishwasher could be an upgrade to them. Try free online listings like Craigslist, online newspaper sites or Facebook s online marketplace. You may even be able to score a little extra dough to purchase the Samsung DMT800RHS dishwasher you ve got your eye on. 

Donate   Give your old dishwasher to someone in your community who may need a dishwasher, period. Thrift stores like the Salvation Army and Goodwill may take old appliances as well, as long as they re in working condition. Check with your tax advisor if you go this route   you may be eligible for a tax write-off.

Community Pickup   Many cities offer a yearly curbside pickup program. Check with your local municipality to find out more.

Retailer Pickup   Check with the retailer you purchase your new dishwasher from. Most likely they have a program that will take your old appliance and recycle it for you. Lowes, The Home Depot and Best Buy all have  Haul Away  programs. If you purchase your new appliance from them, they will pick up and recycle your old appliance at no additional cost.

Recycle   The best way to keep our planet green is to reduce, reuse and recycle. There are recycling facilities all over the United States, and services like have an online listing to help find a location near you. Simply type in the product you would like to recycle, and a local recycling directory will be populated. Most places that recycle everyday products will also recycle large appliances. You could even get a couple bucks out of the deal as well.

RAD   If you would like to get involved in helping others properly dispose of their appliances, the EPA has created a program called the Responsible Appliances Disposal Program (RAD). As a member of this program, you will collect old appliances, recycle those units and disseminate information to your community about the RAD program. At the end of each year, you report back to RAD with your successes.

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure you are acting within Federal and State laws. To find out detailed information on Environmental Protection Agency laws and regulations, visit

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