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Pyle PWD501 Review

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PROS / This car alarm has a complete feature set, including a remote start function.

CONS / There have been many reports of radio interference and problems with the remote.

 VERDICT / We do not recommend this car alarm because it is not reliable.

The Pyle PWD501 car alarm and remote starter offers a full-featured security system. From keyless entry to multiple sirens and alarms, the Pyle car alarms have all the features that you need to protect your vehicle. However, there have been multiple reports of the remote and alarm having radio frequency issues and interference. We recommend the Viper car alarms for a more reliable and intuitive product.

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Pyle PWD501 car alarms are complex auto security systems with a variety of features including remote starting, keyless entry and a starter-kill option. After the car alarm is installed, you will carry around a small remote with an LCD display screen. When something happens to your car, your remote will buzz or sound. The remote displays a small car and highlights the area where the sensor on your vehicle was alerted.

The Pyle car alarms can detect any disturbance to all areas of your vehicle. The alarm has everything from the simplest door alarm that alerts when a door is opened, to a detailed shock sensor that will sound when the car has been elevated to be towed. Each sensor has a different display on your remote to provide you with detailed information about what is happening to your car.

After the alarm sounds you can either disarm the alarm or engage the starter-kill option. Because false alarms are common, especially in neighborhoods with lots of children or in crowded parking lots, the large range of the remote can come in handy when disarming Pyle car alarms. However, if it is not a false alarm, and someone is attempting to steal your vehicle, the starter-kill feature will immediately stop the engine from running.

The remote start capability is an optional add-on with this auto security system. The remote can start your car and you can avoid getting into a freezing cold vehicle in the winter or a sweltering hot car in the summer. The engine will run for a few minutes or until you insert your key. If someone attempts to put the car into gear without a key in the ignition, the vehicle will immediately turn off.

The advertized features from the Pyle PWD 501 car alarms are really impressive, which is why it’s a shame the execution is not up to par. There's a large variety of reports on different user forums and online message boards that detail the issues with this car alarm. There have been many reports of radio interference and the remote buzzing while the car alarm has not gone off.

The remote has four basic buttons and is not as simple and intuitive to operate as many other auto security systems. You will need some time to really familiarize yourself with this car alarm, and we strongly suggest you read and follow the instruction manual carefully.

It is possible to install these car alarms without professional assistance, although we don't recommend doing so. Most automotive and car audio stores will install the car alarms for reasonable prices and most can be done within a few hours. However, if you decide to install the Pyle car alarm yourself, there are detailed instructions in the user manual.

The Pyle customer support team offers a variety of ways for you to receive detailed assistance. There are email addresses, telephone support and frequently asked questions on the website. The manufacturer also covers their car alarms with a lifetime warranty.


The Pyle PWD501 car alarms have a large variety of useful features including a remote start and a starter-kill option. However, they are not very reliable and there are many reports of the remote malfunctioning. For more dependable car alarms, we suggest the Viper alarm and the Python car alarm.

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