Pros / The Friedrich P09B can remove five pints of moisture from the air every hour, making it an excellent unit for humid climates.

Cons / This is one of the largest and heaviest portable air conditioners we evaluated.

 Verdict / The Friedrich P09B is a great choice for rooms up to 400 square feet and has a full suite of convenient features to keep you cool and comfortable.

The Friedrich P09B has an airflow rating of 212 cubic feet per minute, meaning it circulates a fair amount of air through the machine, effectively cooling rooms up to 400 square feet. If you live in a humid environment where walls and clothing run the risk of mildew and mold, this AC unit is an excellent choice because the dehumidify mode can operate independently of cooling and remove up to five pints per hour of excess moisture from your home, more than any other machine we reviewed.

Although the Friedrich P09B's energy efficiency of EER 9.4 isn't as impressive as the Whynter ARC-12S's EER 11.1, it's still efficient compared against many portable air conditioners on the market. We estimate the Friedrich P09B to cost around $85 a year to operate, but this will differ based on your usage. The Friedrich weighs 71 pounds, making it one of the heaviest portable air conditioners we reviewed. We suggest having someone help you if you need to move it up or down stairs.

This cooler has three fan speed settings, allowing you to select just how quickly the machine cools your room. It includes a fan-only mode to circulate air through the room without cooling. The Friedrich P09B only produces 50 decibels of sound on its highest setting, which is about as loud as a calm conversation between two or three people. This decibel rating makes it one of the quietest portable air conditioners we reviewed.

Unfortunately, the machine lacks a sleep mode to gradually raise the temperature at night to keep you from getting too cold while you sleep. The Friedrich is also missing oscillating louvers to help spread cool air throughout the room. This machine comes with a remote control that includes an LCD screen, allowing you to easily see the air conditioner's current settings and change them as you need. A 24-hour programmable timer allows you to schedule specific on and off times, a great feature for cooling down your room before you get home from work without wasting electricity all day.

The included window kit fits windows up to 46 inches wide, while the vent hose extends to 5 feet long. This unit comes with the UL-Listed mark, which means it has been independently tested by a third-party certification company and has met or exceeded specific safety requirements.

This portable air conditioner comes with the industry standard one-year warranty on the appliance, but it has a five-year warranty on the compressor - the longest compressor warranty we have seen for a portable air conditioner. At the time of writing this review, the Haier HPC12XCR costs $499, making it the third-most expensive model we reviewed and about $70 costlier than average.

  • Room Size
  • Power
  • Moisture Removal
  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost
  • Sound Output
  1. The maximum room size the machine will be effective in.
    Larger is Better.
  2. 5  Friedrich
    400.0 Square Feet
  3. 550.0 Square Feet
  4. 550.0 Square Feet
  5. 700.0 Square Feet
  6. Category Average
    527.78 Square Feet
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Specifications and Benchmarks


Energy Efficiency Ratio
9.4 EER
Estimated Annual Energy Cost
UL Listed
Multiple Fan Speeds


Compressor Warranty
5 Years
71 lbs.
Max Window Size
46 in.
Vent Hose Length
5 ft.
Remote Control
LCD Screen


9,300 BTU
Max Room Size
400 sq. ft.
Max Airflow
212 CFM
Sound Output
50 dB
Moisture Removal Per Hour
5 pints