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Pros / This tower fan provides you with an ionizer, an attachable remote control and an automatic timer.

Cons / The fan can be noisy at higher speed.

 Verdict / The Lasko Xtra Air T48310 is a good choice, especially if you want an ionizer feature on your tower fan.

The Lasko Xtra Air T48310 offers an ionizer and three variable speeds that allow you to determine the airflow and noise level. This tower fan is comprised mostly of lightweight plastic and has an integrated handle to help with portability. It stands 48 inches tall and measures 13 inches both wide and long. It weighs 12 pounds but still is easy to reposition and can be used either as a standing fan on a surface above the floor or as a floor fan.

This fan oscillates 90 degrees for full-room coverage and includes a programmable timer to help save energy. The remote control fits nicely into a designated spot on the back of the fan, which is a great help to keep track of it.

You also get the benefit of its ionizer, which helps pull dust and allergens from the air. This is a great feature for a tower fan to have, especially if you have allergies. The ionization feature can be turned on or off with the remote control or on the unit itself.

On the lowest speed setting, the Lasko Xtra Air series can push 680 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and up to 867 CFM on high. This is a good airflow for a medium-sized room like a standard bedroom or den, but it is not quite enough to fully cool a large room. As you increase the speed of this affordable tower fan, it becomes louder. This is only a problem if you are sitting right next to the fan or are sensitive to louder noises while trying to fall asleep. You also get a seven-hour timer with this fan.

With the Xtra Air, you get a standard one-year limited warranty. If you ever have questions or problems with the fan, you can contact Lasko by phone or email. You may also be able to find an answer on the FAQs page on the Lasko website. Lasko offers a downloadable owner's manual on the tower fan model's webpage, which is great if you have misplaced your original.

  • Speed Settings
  • Maximum Oscillation Angle
  • Maximum Timer Setting
  • Maximum Noise Level
  • Maximum CFM
  • Warranty
  1. How many speed settings the tower fan includes.
  2. 7  Lasko Xtra Air T48310
  3. 10.0
  4. 4.0
  5. 3.0
  6. Category Average


The Lasko Xtra Air T48310 is a standard tower fan that offers the less-common ionization feature. It has a standard one-year warranty and plenty of help options. If you are looking for a large tower fan with ionization, this model is a good choice.

Lasko Xtra Air T48310 Visit Site