Pros / This chest freezer can reach a low temperature of -11.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cons / The manufacturer does not disclose how much side clearance you need for this freezer, although the recommended back clearance is 5 inches.

 Verdict / You will need to pay somewhat more to run this freezer, but you get a good-sized interior that holds a large amount of frozen food.

When frozen foods go on sale, you can feel free to stock up if you own the Danby DCF055A1WDB1. This spacious chest freezer can hold plenty of frozen meats, vegetables, pizzas, ice cream and ice. With its soft white finish, this small deep freezer complements any room.

Danby offers more capacity than most of the units on our lineup, which makes it the second largest freezer in our product lineup. With this, you can store 336 pints of ice cream, if you are so inclined. The Danby is one of the best chest freezers and is Top Ten Reviews' Bronze Award Winner.

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  • Capacity
  • Measured Capacity
  1. The quantity or space of the freezer, expressed in cubic feet.
    Higher is better.
  2. 3  Danby
    5.5 Cubic Feet
  3. 1  Avanti
    5.2 Cubic Feet
  4. 2  Amana
    5.3 Cubic Feet
  5. Category Average
    5.33 Cubic Feet

Energy Cost & Efficiency

There is good news if you buy this chest freezer: It uses 224 kWh per year, which comes to a monthly operating cost of $2.25 and an annual energy bill of $27. A yearly energy consumption level of 224 kilowatts is a bit higher for chest freezers in this overall price range, but likely would not be a financial burden on most households. This is reasonable considering that chest freezers typically are expected to last 10 to 14 years. This is a good, solid buy for a home, condominium or apartment.

This small chest freezer, unfortunately, is not Energy Star compliant. Nonetheless, it offers a sensible operating cost and energy consumption level for nearly any household and budget, especially given its size and storage capacity. One thing to remember is that this appliance operates 24 hours a day, every day.

Capacity & Temperature

With a spacious storage area of 5.5 cubic feet, the Danby chest freezer holds an ample supply of frozen foods. To give you an idea of what that means, this freezer's interior holds about 336 pints of ice cream, which is more than most small chest freezers.

The lowest temperature it can reach is -11.2 Fahrenheit, which keeps meats, pizzas and vegetables well frozen.

Although this is a compact freezer, the Danby tends to be just a bit larger in height and width than the other chest freezers in our product lineup. It stands 33.07 inches high, extends 32.44 inches wide and is 22.2 inches deep. It is 55.27 inches high when the lid is open.

The manufacturer does not disclose how much clearance area you need on either side of this chest freezer, although it does make clear that you need 5 inches in back.

Weighing in at nearly 72 pounds, it is an average weight compared to the other freezers in our selection. It’s a small deep freezer that can fit comfortably in out-of-the-way spots.


This is a straightforward and simple-to-use appliance. You control the temperature with a mechanical dial that you turn to the desired level. A light shows that the power is on.

You get a handy, adjustable basket so you can separate and organize certain items from the rest of your stored foods. You can take the basket out to rearrange foods as needed or clean your freezer.

Since this freezer must be defrosted manually, you get a built-in drain to help with that task. Unfortunately, it lacks a door lock, which is a useful safety feature if you have young children in your home.

The Danby comes with adjustable legs so you can keep the unit level and be assured that the coolant inside is evenly distributed.


It is unfortunate that the manufacturer does not make the side clearance space you need for this freezer easily available. However, it offers the second-largest interior of the chest freezers we reviewed, so you can safely freeze a great deal of food for future use.

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