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While Igloo is known for its coolers, the company also produces other refrigeration home appliances. The FRF452 is one of Igloo's entry-level small chest freezers, and it features a cabinet volume of 5.2 cubic feet. At 77 pounds and 28 3/8 x 22 x 33 inches (L x W x H), the FRF452's relatively light build makes it easy to install. The chest freezer's clearance requirements also provide some flexibility – the FRF452 only needs 4 inches of space on each side to receive enough air for circulation.

Cleaning options are designed around ease of use. A bottom spout allows you to drain excess water when you're defrosting the freezer. Igloo recommends that you defrost the freezer when collected ice is more than a quarter inch thick. Basic cleaning supplies can be used to clean the FRF452's cabinet and exterior. Avoid using harsh chemicals, because they can damage the freezer's finish and components. Door gaskets also require periodic cleaning and lubrication to ensure that the freezer's lid seals properly.

Usability options are also aimed towards home use. An adjustable thermostat allows you to have precise temperature control. According to Igloo, the FRF452's internal temperature can reach -18 degrees Fahrenheit, although it can be affected by where you install the chest freezer. Outside temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit can affect the cabinet's operating temperature. Sunlight and other sources of radiant heat can also throw off the unit's ability to keep your food at a consistent temperature. A bundled hanging wire basket also lets you sort and organize smaller bags of frozen food.

Two persistent power lights show when the FRF452 is receiving power to its cooling system and compressor. If either light goes off, you will know that the freezer has technical problems and will require maintenance or service. Igloo includes a 12-month warranty program for the FRF452. This covers parts and labor for any issues related to defective parts.

The Igloo FRF452 chest freezer includes features similar to most mini chest freezers. If you simply need extra space in your kitchen for freezer items, this model is a solid choice.

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