Pros / This is a sturdy chest freezer with a good deal of interior space.

Cons / It is not Energy Star compliant.

 Verdict / You can keep a substantial amount of food nicely frozen in this spacious chest freezer, and it costs relatively little to operate.

The Kenmore 12502 chest freezer is a solid and sturdy appliance with generous interior space for storing the frozen foods you have carefully selected to keep on hand for your family or guests.

The Kenmore chest freezer can help you save money in more ways than one. Not only can you keep your supply of household edibles fully stocked, but the overall cost to operate this small deep freezer is relatively low.

Although it is not Energy Star compliant, this compact freezer is still quite energy-efficient. It uses 220 kilowatt hours per year on average, resulting in an average electrical bill of $26 per year or about $2.16 per month. Considering this appliance is running all the time, the expense is not out of line with chest freezers. It is a good choice for small families.

The Kenmore offers 5.1 cubic feet of freezer space, which is a healthy amount for a small deep freezer and can hold quite a bit of food. For comparison purposes, our tests showed that this size freezer can easily hold 308 pints of ice cream. This freezer can reach a low temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a sturdy small chest freezer with a height of 34.4 inches, a width of 30 inches and a depth of 22.9 inches. With the lid open, it stands 44.5 inches high. At a weight of 107 pounds, this is the heaviest chest freezer in our product line-up.

The Kenmore needs a bit of elbowroom so air can circulate around it. It needs at least four inches of space on both sides and the back. This comes in an attractive white that blends in well in any home.

This freezer is equipped with adjustable legs so it will stay on an even keel, which is important for ensuring the coolant inside is evenly distributed. You will always know whether your freezer is working or not because a clearly visible power-on indicator light gleams outside. You also get a drain to help remove water when you need to manually defrost this freezer. One thing you do not get with this otherwise helpful appliance is a door lock.

Inside the freezer, you get a storage basket that is helpful for keeping items that you reach for often. You can remove it when you need to clean the freezer or when you want to rearrange items in the basket.

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  • Capacity
  • Measured Capacity
  1. The quantity or space of the freezer, expressed in cubic feet.
    Higher is better.
  2. 5  Kenmore
    5.1 Cubic Feet
  3. 1  Avanti
    5.2 Cubic Feet
  4. 2  Amana
    5.3 Cubic Feet
  5. 3  Danby
    5.5 Cubic Feet
  6. Category Average
    5.31 Cubic Feet


The Kenmore is a compact chest freezer that nonetheless provides ample room for storing quite a bit of food. It reaches low temperatures for freezing, costs a reasonable amount of money to operate and presents enough useful features to be a real boon for a small family. It does not have a door lock, which is unfortunate, but otherwise is good value for the money.

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Power On Indicator
Adjustable Legs
Removable Storage Basket