The Maytag company is widely known for household appliances and has been manufacturing them for over 100 years. The Dual Stack 36-Inch gas cooktop is a good midrange, low-cost addition to our lineup. It produces a good amount of heat but sacrifices a few of the features seen on higher-end models. Still, because of its heat output, it is a great consideration for average budgets.

The gas stovetop has a specialty low-heat 5,000 Btu burner for melting, simmering and other low-temperature cooking. The primary burner is placed in the center and reaches a respectable 18,000 Btu, which allows for quick boiling and fast recovery after you put food in a hot pan. The right front burner is 12,000 Btu, and the remaining burners are each 9,100 Btu, which is good for general use. Altogether, the burners average about 10,000 Btu and provide a good mix for high- and low-temperature cooking.

The cooktop features sealed burners and a seamless pan, which makes cleanup easy. The knobs are heavy-duty die-cast metal, and they can go in the dishwasher along with the removable grates. The controls are located in the front central area of this cooktop. If you don't like that location, try checking out the KitchenAid KCGS556ESS Pro, which has controls arranged across the front of the appliance.

Maytag provides a free conversion kit if your kitchen requires an LP cooktop. The grate pattern leaves slightly larger gaps than some of the other cooktop brands we considered, but pans still move easily across the surface. The continuous surface also allows for large and unusually shaped pans without any issues.

Maytag’s Dual Stack is backed up with the standard one-year limited warranty. Maytag support is easy to access with live chat, phone and email contact for issues with its gas cooktops. It also includes online copies of the warranty information and user manuals, and you can schedule servicing on its website. Maytag does have a YouTube channel, but there’s no model-specific information or training on it.

While there are few additional features, like a child lock, backlit knobs, hot surface indicators, automatic reignition or an integrated griddle, for its low price point the Dual Stack has an impressive burner selection, heavy knobs and grates, and an easily cleaned surface. While the price makes this a good consideration for quick renovations and lower-cost kitchens, the build quality and heating capabilities make this a good option for any kitchen.

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