Pros / This range has two high-powered burners.

Cons / Some features aren’t intuitive to access from the control panel.

 Verdict / GE’s Profile PGB911EEJES has an excellent cooktop and solid oven features, making it a good gas range.

As one of the most prolific appliance manufacturers in the U.S., GE has a huge selection of gas ranges. The Profile is one of its mid-tier appliances, and it has a good mix of affordability and versatility. The PGB911EEJES’s cooktop has two high-powered burners and a gentle simmering burner, while the oven has a huge window and a steam self-cleaning mode. The stove also has an integrated griddle that sits over a large oval-shaped burner, and it has a lot of baking options, so you can cook just about anything. For these reasons, the GE Profile PGB911EEJES earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  • Capacity
  • Total Burners
  • Total Racks
  1. As reported by the manufacturer, this is the total amount of baking space measured in cubic feet.
    More is better.
  2. 3  GE Profile Series
    5.6 cu.ft.
  3. 1  LG
    6.3 cu.ft.
  4. 5.8 cu.ft.
  5. Category Average
    5.7 cu.ft.


The stovetop’s five burners average 12,100 Btu of heat output and provide a lot of cooking flexibility. You don’t have to remember which of the large burners is the hottest, as both of the front burners output an impressive 18,000 Btu of heat. The right rear burner reaches 9,500 Btu, and the left rear burner releases a precise 5,000 Btu of heat for gentle simmering and melting. The center oval burner has a 10,000 Btu rating, and it is covered by the included reversible griddle and grill. The burners are all sealed, and the pan is gently raised around each burner to keep spills away from the seams.

This stove comes in four finishes: white, black, slate and stainless. The slate and stainless models have gray cooktop finishes, while the black and white versions have matching black and white cooktops. The edge-to-edge grates are made of matte cast iron that matches the burner caps, and the continuous grates make it easy to move heavy pans from burner to burner. The cooktop surface is a single, seamless piece of coated steel, and the edges are raised to keep spills in place. The weighted knobs feel solid, and they turn smoothly.


The 5.6-cubic-foot convection oven reaches 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and the broiler has a heat output of 12,000 Btu, with high and low broiling options. The oven also has a convection roasting option that uses heat from the lower burner and convection fan; this is a good option for turkeys and other whole pieces of meat.

This GE oven comes with three racks that fit in six rack position, although none of the racks are gliding racks. This gas oven has a very large window, so you can easily see what you’re baking without opening the door, no matter where the food is positioned in the oven.

The oven control panel is a bit small, and to access some features, you have to clumsily press multiple buttons at once. To find other features, you have to go through menus, and some of the buttons perform multiple functions. The oven would be easier to use if it included just a few more buttons to simplify the process.

User Conveniences

You can either use a heat self-cleaning cycle for tough spills or a low-temperature steam-clean cycle. When you use the steam-cleaning mode, the oven doesn’t produce smoke, fumes and extremely high temperatures but still loosens spills on the interior of the oven.

The oven has a control lock to keep kids from turning it on and a Sabbath mode in case you need to lock certain features during specific hours of the week. The drawer below the oven is a typical storage drawer for pots and pans.

GE also includes Chef Connect, which synchronizes your GE range and a GE over-the-range microwave or vent hood. For example, you can choose to automatically illuminate the stove or turn on the vent when you turn on a burner. You can also set the stove’s clock, and the microwave will update to the same time automatically.

Warranty & Support

The GE Profile gas stove comes with a one-year warranty. This is the industry standard for gas ranges. During the warranty period, parts and labor are covered. GE provides the manual and warranty information online, and we didn’t have any problems contacting GE’s customer service by phone during business hours. The company also provides access to representatives through online chat and email. Representatives responded to our email requests the next day.


GE’s most recent mid-tier gas range is no slouch. The burner options are excellent, including two high-temperature primary burners and a gentle simmering burner. The oven controls require a little work to master and the warranty is just average. Still, the integrated griddle, huge oven window, weighted knobs and easy-to-clean cooktop make it worth a look.

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