Pros / It is a professional-looking range at a mid-tier price.

Cons / This range doesn’t include steam self-cleaning.

 Verdict / Samsung’s NX58F5700WS has extras like a gliding rack, griddle and warming drawer. While the warranty is just average and there’s no steam cleaning, it’s a solid range with a professional look.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Gas Ranges here.

Samsung’s NX58F5700WS has an upper-tier appearance but is priced like a midrange appliance. If you’re looking for a gas stove that looks sharp in any kitchen, this is a great option. The NX58F5700WS has large, heavy knobs and a stainless steel control panel, like those on high-end appliances. This stove includes a large window, plenty of baking options and a dual burner that can reach both high and low temperatures.

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The five burners on the NX58F5700WS average 11,400 Btu of heat output, and the primary burner is a dual-power burner – there is a smaller burner in the center that drops down to 1,000 Btu for gentle simmering, and it is surrounded by an outer burner ring that produces an impressive 18,000 Btu of heat. Higher Btu burners can boil and sear quickly. Additionally, the other front burner reaches 15,000 Btu, and the remaining burners max out at 5,000 Btu and 9,500 Btu. The center burner is oval shaped and works well for bridge cooking; it easily accommodates elongated pans. Samsung also includes a griddle that expands to fit the range and a wok insert that fits over the primary burner.

The burner caps prevent messes from getting into the burners, and their matte black finish matches the cast iron grates. The continuous grates provide a stable surface for even the heaviest of pans, and you can easily move pots from burner to burner. The grates don’t quite cover the stovetop, but the cooking surface isn’t small by any means. The cooktop pan is a single, seamless piece with a stainless finish, and the edges and burner openings are upswept to keep spills in their place for easy cleanup.

The knobs are heavy and have simple markings for temperature and burner location. The grates separate into three pieces and are dishwasher safe. All of these elements combine to make a cooktop that is attractive and easy to clean.


The 5.8-cubic-foot convection oven has a heating element next to the fan, unlike other ovens that rely on a fan to circulate heat from the lower or upper burners in the oven. The oven can reach a maximum of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and the broiler has an impressive 13,500 Btu heat output. You can broil at two temperatures, which gives you even more flexibility. The oven can bake as low as 150 degrees, which is great for some slow-cooking recipes.

There are three oven racks that can sit in six rack positions. This selection includes a gliding oven rack that extends to outside of the oven, which is great for heavy pots and pans or large dishes like turkeys.

Like other Samsung models, the control panel is quite wide and has a lot of buttons. Rather than hunting through menus or pushing button combinations, you can see all the common modes right in front of you. The panel lights up in blue when you make a selection.

User Conveniences

While this gas range has a midrange price, it actually looks a lot like a premium model. A lot of touchpads on ovens in this price bracket have a plastic feel. This model’s touchpad is made of stainless steel, which is quite common in high-end ranges and wall ovens. The large burner knobs have a weighted metal finish and look like the knobs on professional ranges.

The warming drawer is another nice addition. It takes 25 minutes to warm up, but has three warming temperatures to choose from, depending on the food type. This is beneficial when you cook multiple courses or need to keep food at temperature while you’re entertaining guests. It can also serve as a storage drawer for shallower pans and cookie sheets when you’re not using the warmer.

The oven has bread proofing, Sabbath, and dehydrate and defrost modes. It also has a control lock to prevent accidents and keep kids at bay. The self-cleaning cycle is the typical high-temperature cycle most ranges have, but you have the option of running it for two, three or four hours, depending on how dirty the oven is.

Warranty & Support

The NX58F5700WS comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard for freestanding gas ranges. If you experience any problems with the gas stove, Samsung covers the cost of parts and labor. We found it easy to contact members of Samsung’s customer service team by phone with little wait time, and they also answered technical questions by email within 24 hours. Samsung offers live chat customer support, which seems to be one of the faster ways to get in touch with a real person. You can also access the terms of the warranty on Samsung’s website or get a PDF copy of the manual.


Samsung’s NX58F5700WS is a midrange gas stove in a high-end body. The cooktop is easy to clean and features professional-looking knobs. The oven touchpad has a stainless finish with a cool blue backlight. The convection fan blows heated air, and the range includes a griddle and wok adapter. The NX58F5700WS is a great addition to any kitchen.

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