Mini Fridges Review

Why Buy a Mini Fridge?

Although mini fridges are smaller than regular refrigerators, they serve the same functions. They keep foods and drinks cool just as well as standard refrigerators do, and some of them even have dedicated freezer compartments. Therefore, they can serve as substitutes for refrigerators in college dorm rooms or RVs, or complement the main refrigeration unit in a home. Some of the most popular refrigerators in this category are the Danby DAR017A2BDD, the Magic Chef MCWBC77DZC and the Haier HNSE04.

These small fridges come in multiple capacities, ranging from small enough to sit on your desk up to half the size of regular refrigerators. Most small refrigerators use compressor-powered cooling systems. Therefore, they keep their contents cold by removing heat with the help of a circulating gas running along tubes behind the storage unit.

Alternatively, a compact fridge can employ a thermoelectric cooling system. This is a heat sink with a powered fan embedded behind the storage section. It is quieter but less efficient than compressors.

Mini Fridges: What to Look For

Mini fridges come in different sizes and have different sets of features. Here are the key features to look for:

While all mini fridges are compact and smaller than regular refrigerators, they have different weights. When you're looking for a small fridge to use in a temporary living space, it is important to get one that is light enough to move around. This is especially important if you are a traveler who wants to install a portable refrigerator in your vehicle.

Storage Space
Portable fridges comes in different sizes, and the available storage space varies from 6 cubic feet to less than 1 cubic foot. Therefore, it is important to consider your needs in order to pick a mini fridge of the right size. Choose one with the capacity for what you intend to put in it and no bigger. If you simply want to keep a few beverage cans cold, then a countertop fridge will do, but you will require a relatively tall freestanding portable fridge to serve as a replacement for a standard refrigerator.

Not all small refrigerators can attain freezing temperatures. To keep foods and drinks frozen, you need a portable fridge with a small freezer compartment or a separate mini freezer. Usually, the freezers found in mini fridges are too small to be practical. Often, they are also not cold enough to freeze foods and drinks, but they are sufficiently powerful to keep items frozen.

Power Consumption
Small refrigerators consume less power than big ones. However, power consumption varies from one mini fridge to another. An energy-efficient portable fridge has features to let it save on power without being underpowered.

With their sizes and portability, compact refrigerators can go where regular refrigerators cannot. Whether you want to take one on a road trip or keep one in your bedroom, just make sure to get the right one for your needs.