The Koolatron KWC4 Coca-Cola Personal Fridge is a retro-style mini fridge that is small enough to fit in a vehicle. It is available in hot red with Coca-Cola branding, including the picture of a cute polar bear on its door. With a capacity of 0.14 cubic feet, this Koolatron fridge is only 12 inches tall and weighs 4.7 pounds. It is designed for one purpose, to cool soda cans that you can have on hand.

It’s a small red box with a stainless steel recessed door with white foam along the edges. The door has a self-locking handle with a latch that turns. The handle looks like the pull tab on a Coke can, but you open it by turning it instead of pulling it as you would with a soda can. The inner compartment is lined with white plastic and is big enough to hold six beverage cans. It has no racks, shelves, leveling feet or freezer compartment. Given its size, these omissions are expected.

This small fridge runs on the standard 110-volt AC outlet. However, it can also be powered by the 12-volt DC outlet found in vehicles. Rather than using a compressor, the KWC4 has a thermoelectric cooling module. This works by creating a temperature gradient between the interior of the fridge and its environment. A set of grilles toward the rear of the fridge marks the placement of the motorized fan that pulls heat from the interior and dissipates it outside. With this cooling system, this fridge can consistently keep foods and drinks at 32 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the ambient temperature. Therefore, this compact refrigerator easily keeps its contents cold regardless of the outside temperature.

The motorized fan prevents the unit from getting hot, too. The fan does produce a whirring sound, but it is not as loud as compressor cooling systems. Yet another benefit of the thermoelectric system is that it does not vibrate like a compressor-powered system. Therefore, the KWC4 is stable and usable in moving vehicles and does not require leveling feet or a stability bar to keep its balance.

The Koolatron KWC4 Coca-Cola Personal Fridge is a stylish, compact mini fridge that performs consistently within its limits. It has a small compartment, an unusual door handle and a fan that never shuts off. It keeps its content cool, but it can't get your drinks ice cold.

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