Upright freezers from Amana offer plenty of room for those items you can't normally fit in the freezer above your fridge. Amana upright freezers have incandescent lighting rather than LED lighting. Incandescent lighting is warmer, but it generates more greenhouse gas emissions then LED lights.

Amana freezers have advanced foam insulation which, according to the manufacturer, improves energy performance, giving them an average estimated annual operation cost of $56.

In addition, they come with Free O Frost, an automatic defrost system that eliminates the worry and work involved with defrosting the freezer.

A one-year warranty is standard, but you can purchase an extended warranty for an extra charge.

Some frost-free freezers from Amana have pocket handles on either side, which gives them a distinct, clean look. Models with reversible doors are particularly versatile, as you can orient the door hinge to open to the left or the right, according to the layout of your kitchen, garage or basement.

Adjustable shelves let you customize the interior to fit your storage needs. Amana has also added door bins, which give you plenty of room to store items you want easy access to, like frozen dinners.

Some freezer models lack an alarm to notify you the door is open or that the temperature inside the freezer has risen to unsafe levels, so you will need to check to ensure the door is completely shut after opening the freezer door. Amana freezers also generally lack a power-on indicator light.

One design flaw with some Amana upright freezers is that the temperature controls are on the inside of the appliance, so you will lose some cold air and energy when adjusting the freezer's temperature. However, Amana's freezers feature a fast-freeze setting that allows you to quickly freeze food that has been out for a while.

Amana upright freezers offer plenty of space and a clean design. Reversible doors increase their versatility, letting you maximize the space available in your home. In addition, some convenience features like exterior temperature controls and power-on indicator lights are missing, and there is not an alarm to alert you to an open door or temperature problems. However, Amana freezers do have a fast-freeze function and auto defrost.

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