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Pros / The door bins tilt out for easy access and maximized storage space.

Cons / There is no defrost indicator in case of accidental ice buildup.

 Verdict / This is a family-friendly freezer with a capacity equivalent to 711 pounds of food.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

"High-tech" and "upright freezer" seem like antonyms, but the Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW proves that high-tech upright freezers actually exist. Everything on this freezer is automated and electronic, from the electronic temperature monitor to the exterior controls to the automatic door closer. We only worry that by being so high-tech, simple elements have gone missing. For example, there is no manual defrost option, no defrost indicator and no defrost drain. What happens when the electronic frost free feature stops working? How will you defrost the freezer then? To ease these concerns, Frigidaire does include a warranty with this freezer, but make sure to read the fine print to understand what it covers.

This freezer has as many shelves and door bins as any other upright freezer we reviewed, tying with the Kenmore Elite 28093 (link) with eight door bins or shelves and three baskets. The Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW’s door bins are not only plentiful, but they also tilt out, taking advantage of additional door storage and making food easy to access. The abundant storage is due to the 20.6-cubic-foot capacity, which is equivalent to 711 pounds of frozen food. Luckily for you, while you’re deciding what to eat from your 711 pounds of frozen food selection, an interior light illuminates your plunder. Also, a lock with a pop-out key is installed on the side of the door to prevent those rowdy teenage boys from eating all of the frozen burritos. If they do happen to break into the upright freezer, a convenient alarm goes off if the door is left open or if the temperature increases above a set number.

“Buying in bulk” is this upright freezer’s middle name. It has been specially designed to hold large amounts of food and has a fast freeze feature that quickly and efficiently freezes your food within minutes. This feature is especially useful when first filling it up. You can also take advantage of the exterior temperature controls to adjust the temperature of the freezer from the outside to prevent leaking cold air. A handy power on light notifies you instantly when the power is out. Sadly, if you are an ice cream connoisseur, you may want to look for a freezer that includes a soft freeze zone which prevents the ice cream from freezing rock solid, as the Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW upright freezer is not equipped with this feature. This freezer won’t freeze solid though because the frost free feature prevents ice buildup by automatically defrosting the freezer each day. No more manually defrosting your freezer ever again.

The Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW is a 70.6-inch-tall upright freezer with adjustable leveling legs. To open, simply reach your hand through the matching white metal handle and pull. When shutting, there’s no need to slam the door shut as it’s equipped with an automatic door closer. Inside the freezer, you’ll find adjustable door bins and bookend organizers to keep all of your frozen food properly stored and organized. We have been so used to deep chest freezers, the ease and versatility of an upright freezer is a breath of fresh air. No more digging through piles of frozen food.


We love the upright design and plethora of shelves and bins that come with the Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW. And the electronic controls and temperature monitor make us feel safe and secure filling up all 20.6 cubic feet of this upright freezer with food. To compare this freezer with the others available on the market, please visit our side-by-side matrix.

Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW Visit Site