Some major considerations when buying an upright freezer are space, organization and overall functionality. Frigidaire upright freezers offer space so you can store frozen pizzas, turkeys, desserts, veggies and frozen dinners. Most of Frigidaire's larger stand-up freezers offer plentiful storage space for a large family of seven people, plus they offer several convenient ways to organize frozen foods of different shapes and sizes.

Frigidaire freezers offer efficiency-friendly features such as frost-free operation and exterior temperature controls, so you don't waste energy adjusting the freezer's temperature by having to open the freezer door.

Some Frigidaire uprights feature Artic Lock walls, which are designed to be thicker than average freezer walls. In the event of a power outage, freezers with this feature keep food frozen for up to two days.

The estimated operating cost of many Frigidaire models is $52 a year, with some models that have operating costs of $38 per year.

Frigidaire upright freezers tend to be taller and wider than other brands, but they have a shallower depth, with some models having a depth of 25.5 inches. They still offer plenty of storage space with their wide, tall construction.

Two features to keep in mind as you browse Frigidaire upright freezers is that some models lack a fast-freeze feature, which may be a problem if you have food you want to freeze quickly. Other models lack a reversible door, which allows you to configure the door hinge on the left or right based on where you put it in your home.

The existing shelves can hold a variety of different-sized items, but a consistent comment among consumers is the lack of adjustable shelving.

Frigidaire offers a one-year warranty with its upright freezers, and you can choose to add an extended service agreement at additional cost.

Frigidaire freezers offer thick walls to lock in the cold in the event of a power outage as well as frost-free and automatic defrost functions. While these stand-up freezers offer more than adequate space to store and organize your frozen food, some additional shelf space and the addition of adjustable shelves would be helpful.

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