Pros / The door swing is reversible and has a smooth contoured shape.

Cons / This upright freezer has a small capacity at 17.7 cubic feet.

 Verdict / If you don’t need over 17 cubic feet to store your food, this would be a good choice.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Whirlpool EV181NZTQ is one of the smaller capacity upright freezers Whirlpool has to offer at 17.7 cubic feet. Although about three cubic feet less than any of the other freezers we reviewed, we felt like it still deserved a spot in our top 10 products because of all the additional features it has, like being ice-maker ready, as well as having a contour door and a temperature alarm.

Functionally, this upright freezer does just as well as the big 20.1 cubic feet freezers. And although the Whirlpool EV181NZTQ may hold less than other freezers, it has the same amount, if not more storage areas: six door bins and shelves, four inside shelves and two baskets. It also has a temperature monitor that sets off an alarm if the freezer dips below a certain temperature. This feature could save you from throwing out hundreds of dollars of ruined food.

We were a little disappointed that it doesn’t have a lock, but were easily pacified when we saw the estimated yearly operating cost. Because this upright freezer is Energy Star qualified, we knew that it would have a low operating cost; however, we were blown away. All it takes to run this freezer each year is $46. Granted this cost takes into account approximately three less cubic feet of space, but we think saving $30 makes up for the missing space.

The temperature can’t be seen or changed from the outside of the freezer, all of the controls being within reach on the inside, but this freezer does have an exterior power on light that, shows you at a glance whether the freezer is on or not. You’d think this would be one of our favorite features, but the Whirlpool EV181NZTQ has much more to offer. A fast freeze setting allows the freezer to run until it has reached the coldest possible temperature. This setting is especially useful for first use. Frost free is another stellar feature that makes it so you never have to manually thaw or chip ice buildup. Finally, this freezer is icemaker ready, one of the few in our lineup that is.

As a smaller capacity upright freezer, the only way you would be able to tell its size is in appearance. Its deepness dimension, 32 inches, is comparable to other freezers, but its height and width, 67 inches 30 inches respectively, are slightly smaller than the larger capacity freezers. The Whirlpool EV181NZTQ has a white, contoured door that is adjustable; you can set it to swing open to the left or to the right, according to your preference. The rounded edges of the contoured door make this upright freezer look very sleek, and if you would like to alter the height, you can easily do so with adjustable leveling legs.

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To recap, the Whirlpool EV181NZTQ has many of the features that our three top-ranked upright freezers do, just with a smaller capacity. It is cheaper to run than freezers with only three more cubic feet of storage space, and it is energy star compliant. In fact, the only reason we ranked this freezer low is because of the smaller capacity. However, this weakness can also be seen as a strength. Not everyone who is looking to purchase an upright freezer needs 20.1 cubic feet of storage; perhaps 17.7 cubic feet is just right for you. If this is the case, the Whirlpool EV181NZTQ would be a very good choice. If you do want a larger capacity, visit our side-by-side matrix for more upright freezer reviews.

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