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The Best Electric Weed Eater of 2017

Trim Your Grass Without the Gas

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The Best Electric Weed Eater of 2017
Our Ranking Electric Weed Eater Price
1 Black & Decker $132.99
2 Ryobi $129.04
3 Kobalt 40-Volt Max $149.00
4 Toro $49.95
5 WORX $146.28
6 Black & Decker GH900 $49.97
7 GreenWorks 21212 $29.98
8 GreenWorks 21142 $76.14
9 Earthwise ST00015 $41.99
10 Sun Joe TRJ609E $28.49
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Electric Weed Eater Review

Why Buy an Electric String Trimmer?

After you mow your lawn, a nice trim with an electric string trimmer gives your lawn a professional look the neighbors will envy. Electric string trimmers are convenient machines. They don't require mixed fuel, and your arm won't get sore from pulling on a cord as you try to start your weed trimmer.

On this site, you will find articles about the best electric string trimmers, such as the Black & Decker LST136, Ryobi P2060 and the Kobalt 40-Volt Max. These electric trimmers offer quality performance and precision, helping you take care of your yard efficiently and make it look fantastic.

Electric String Trimmers: What to Look For

Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, electric string trimmers run quietly, without the fuss of pull-string starts and getting the right fuel-to-oil ratio. When you are looking for a new string trimmer, paying attention to the following factors can help you select the best electric string trimmer for your lawn.

Trimmer Design
Because you will be carrying around the string trimmer, the overall weight of the machine is an important consideration. We compared how heavy the grass trimmers were, as well as if they had an adjustable shaft length for extra, customizable comfort.

A dedicated edging position makes it easier to get a precise cut against sidewalks without having to hold your trimmer at an odd, uncomfortable angle. Straight-shaft weed trimmers give you more distance from what you are cutting, keeping you safer. Safety is an important consideration when choosing an electric trimmer, and we looked to see if the trimmers in our lineup included safety devices that kept cords from getting in the way, as well as if the starter switch was protected from accidentally starting.

Power & Battery
One of the most important features to consider when purchasing an electric string trimmer is how much power you need to accomplish the type of work you do. We looked for weed whackers that have high amps for corded models and high-voltage batteries for cordless grass trimmers. The more power a weed trimmer has, the tougher the grass and weeds it can tackle. We evaluated and compared cordless and corded electric string trimmers and found that regardless of the power source, if you choose a trimmer with enough power, you can trim efficiently.

When choosing between a corded and cordless trimmer, reflect on the type of work you need the trimmer to do and the size of your yard. Corded trimmers require an extension cord, which limits the distance you can go, depending on how much cord you have and how big your yard is.

On the other hand, you are free to use a cordless trimmer wherever you need to, regardless of the size of your lawn or job location. These trimmers are a good fit if you have a large yard or remote locations you need to trim.

String Features
The string on an electric trimmer can be frustrating at times. We looked for trimmers that you can restring with ease and feature great line-feed capabilities. The width of the cutting path is important to look at when you choose an electric trimmer. Look for a grass trimmer with a cutting path wide enough to clear large areas with each sweep, yet narrow enough for you to use the trimmer in tight spaces. The average cutting path is 12 inches wide.

Warranty & Support
How well the manufacturer covers defects in your electric string trimmer can boost your confidence in its performance. The industry standard for electric string trimmer warranties is one year. We looked for trimmers that met or exceeded this standard. The manufacturers of the best electric string trimmers provide repair or service center locations and phone or email support. A downloadable owner manual comes in handy if you happen to lose your manual and need to look up a part or procedure.

With one of the best electric string trimmers in hand, you can eliminate weeds and effectively trim hard-to-mow grass. You don't have to deal with noisy, hard-to-start gasoline engines or cleaning up gas and oil mixtures. Keep our suggestions in mind as you choose your next grass trimmer and your yard will look great with less fuss and strain.