Troy-Bilt TB25CB Curved Shaft String Trimmer review

For everyone from hands-on property owners to seasoned landscaping pros, the Troy-Bilt TB25CB is a solid, powerful option.

Image shows the Troy-Bilt TB25CB.
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Troy-Bilt TB25CB Curved Shaft String Trimmer is a quality product that can tackle pretty much anything we threw at it.


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    Durable, heavy-duty feel

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    Large cutting width


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    Very loud

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    Requires adding 2-stroke oil to run

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Troy-Bilt has long been a trusted name in the gas-powered mower and tool business, designing and selling an arsenal of lawn mowers, string trimmers and snowblowers, among others. 

The company’s latest offering, the Troy-Bilt TB25CB Curved Shaft String Trimmer, carries on the brand’s legacy of quality products. While the TB25CB is at the higher end of the scale when it comes to cost, it’s also one of the few trimmers that can truly be considered professional grade. 

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Key specs

Type: Gas-powered

Engine: 25cc 2-cycle

Dimensions: L 39" x W 12" x H 11"

Weight: 13 lbs

Cutting width: 16 in

Warranty: 2 years

The trimmer retails between $89 and $99, but when it comes to gas-powered trimmers, it proves to be an affordable model with a 2-cycle gas-powered engine. The trimmer has both power and longevity to outlast its battery-powered counterparts.

Lightweight and easy to use, the TB25CB can handle just about any job with ease. A dual line bump feed head cuts through even the toughest vegetation, removing a swath 16 inches wide with each pass - you name it, it can do it. While the unit is loud, its power and versatility more than makeup for the unpleasant noise.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the TB25CB curved shaft string trimmer and why you should (or shouldn’t) buy it when compared to competing best string trimmers.

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Design

The design of the TB25CB is not only pleasant to look at, it’s also extremely functional. Lightweight and easy to move with, the TB25CB, which comes in Troy-Bilt’s signature red, features a curved shaft that makes it easier to maneuver the head into tighter spaces. The 2-cycle engine is housed in a compact case at the top of the unit, while an ergonomic handle sits on the shaft for easy lifting and use. 

Between the engine and the shaft, the trimmer features a hard plastic handle with a trigger to engage the unit. Overall, the TB25CB is a very comfortable unit to use, as vibrations are minimal and both handles are easy to hold on to. One of our favorite features is the curved shaft, which makes it easier to attack weeds from above.

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Features

The TB25CB features a 25cc, 2-cycle, gasoline powered engine, probably it’s most important feature. The gas engine supplies best-in-class power and allows the user freedom to not worry about cords or batteries. It also has a dual line bump head with 0.095 inch line and a 16-inch cutting swath. Weighing in at just 13 pounds, the TB25CB is one of the lighter gas-powered trimmers we've encountered. 

Image shows the Troy-Bilt TB25CB.

(Image credit: Mike Larson.)

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Setup and assembly

Image shows the Troy-Bilt TB25CB.

(Image credit: Mike Larson.)

The Troy-Bilt TB25CB comes shipped in a cardboard box that is easily broken down after opening. The trimmer comes mostly assembled, with the user only having to attach the handle and the trimmer cover. Assembly is really easy and can be done by one person without any issue. All hardware is provided, but having a screwdriver nearby will speed things up. The instructions for the unit are clear and concise. 

There is a little bit of preparation that will need to happen before you can start trimming. While the trimmer is powered by gas, you can’t just fill it up with regular unleaded. The 2-cycle engine requires a mixing of oil and gas to run properly. Best practice for this kind of trimmer is to buy a dedicated 1-gallon container for gas to be used with this trimmer. Full the container and pour in the oil (the first package of oil comes with the unit, but you’ll have to buy more after you burn a gallon of gas).

Image shows the Troy-Bilt TB25CB.

(Image credit: Mike Larson.)

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Performance

The long and short of it is this: We were unable to find a job that the TB25CB couldn’t handle. And boy, did we try. From way overgrown grass to thick heather and weeds to some unruly creeping vines on chain link fence. 

If there’s one criticism, it’s likely a necessary one- the TB25CB is loud. That, unfortunately, is the drawback of a powerful engine. We found that a noise-blocking headset or a good pair of ear plugs were necessary when using the TB25CB. 

Also, because it burns gas, the trimmer does emit some exhaust. We could smell the gas burning while using the unit, but there was no lingering odor after we stopped the trimmer.

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Care and maintenance

Gas-powered tools tend to demand a little more maintenance than their battery-operated cousins. According to Kenneth Deemer, founder of Local Roots Landscaping in Pittsburgh, PA, paying attention to fuel is one of the most important things you can do for a trimmer like the TB25CB.

“You don’t want to use old gas,” Deemer told Top Ten Reviews. “That’s the number one rule with these kinds of trimmers. My best advice is to get a gas can that is just for that particular trimmer. Mix up fuel a gallon at a time, and, if at the end of the season, there is gas in either the tank of the trimmer, or the fuel can, you should safely empty it and discard it. The biggest sin you can make is to let gas sit all winter and then try to run your trimmer.”

Deemer said using old gas can damage the engine and result in low performance. Besides paying close attention to the fuel, he noted that a gas-powered trimmer should also be stored thoughtfully.

“Cool and dry are your best bets,” he said. “Think garage, shed, maybe basement. Those are all good places to store a trimmer. Anything with a gas-powered engine should be stored upright to avoid fuel leakage.”

According to Deemer, cleaning the trimmer is an easy process. He suggested that users just spray the underside of the trimmer’s cover with a hose after each use to remove any grass or weeds. 

The Troy-Bilt TB25CB comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty that covers any defect.

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: Price and availability

  • $99

Reaching nearly triple digits, the TB25CB is one of the more expensive trimmers on the market for similar trimmers. Craftsman, Black + Decker and Bolens make comparable units, all falling between $80-$105. Overall, most trimmers in the $80-$100 range offer many of the same specs: 16-inch cuts, 25cc, 2-cycle engine and a curved shaft. 

The TB25CB isn’t the least expensive unit in this price range, nor is it the most expensive. It does, however, have all of the features that the more expensive models have, and doesn’t seem to be lacking in capability. At around $100, this is a solid trimmer.  

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: User reviews

The Troy-Bilt TB25CB is, at the time of writing, well reviewed on (3.6 out of 5 stars) and (4.3 out of 5 stars). Out of a total of 284 total reviews at, the trimmer received 137 5-star reviews. 

Positive reviews mention the easy set up, and the comfort granted by the curved shaft. 

One happy user said “The Troybilt 25CB arrived just in time for our spring yard clean-up weekend. With almost a full acre, our yard has curbs, sidewalks, paving stones, landscaping beds, trees, wooden and chain link fence lines, shrubs and a cobbled patio. The TB25CB performed the best of any string trimmer we've ever owned, with a uniform trim and minimal effort. The speed is easily controlled and simple to maintain an even trim. We ran the TB25CB for almost 2 hours with minimal fatigue- it is a comfortable trimmer to run and with a quick fueling, was back to tackle the winter mess of our yard.” 

Some users have reported issues with the product not starting, but these reviews were answered by the brand's customer service and defects are covered by the product's 2-year warranty.

Troy-Bilt TB25CB: What the experts say

We spoke to Kenneth Deemer of Local Roots Landscaping to ask him his thoughts about the Troy-Bilt TB25CB and who it might be best for.

“Troy-Bilt is a solid brand,” Deemer said. “This is the kind of trimmer we would use in a professional setting, so it should be more than enough for any homeowner. Performance-wise, gas is always going to beat battery, but it’s all about what you need."

If you’ve got a big yard with lots of thick weeds, gas is the way to go. If you’ve just got a little edging or some manageable trimming, a battery-operated trimmer works great.”

Kenneth Deemer, Local Roots Landscaping.

Should you buy the Troy-Bilt TB25CB?

We think so. It’s an affordable gas-powered unit that can chew through even the most stubborn weeds. The TB25CB is a high-quality piece of equipment and, if you’re in the market for a gas-operated trimmer, we say go for it. 

However, it’s worth it to heed our pro’s advice: not everyone needs a gas trimmer, and in many cases, a cheaper, battery-operated trimmer will do. But if it’s a gas unit you’re looking for, we think buying the Troy-Bilt TB25CB is a good choice. 

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