Pros / The Black & Decker electric trimmer is lightweight, powerful and adjusts its height to three different settings.

Cons / The Black & Decker GH700 uses line quickly since it has two line feeds. While the additional cutting line speeds up your trimming, it takes time to replace the spool.

 Verdict / This electric string trimmer uses its power and dual-line feed to cut through your weeds and grass.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Black & Decker electric trimmer has a lot of power in its engine, and it uses two lines to cut through grass and weeds. The electric weed eater doesn't have a straight pole, but it allows you to adjust the height. This electric string trimmer is our top choice because it has power, adequate speed and an automatic feed mechanism.

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Trimmer Design

At 7,800 rotations per minute (RPMs), the Black & Decker GH700 doesn't have one of the fastest rotation speeds; however, backed by its engine that has 5.2 amperes (amps) of power, you'll be able to chop through weeds and grass well. To use this electric weed whacker, you're going to need to plug it into an outlet.



Power & Battery

The Black & Decker GH700 is made for light duty, which translates to cutting grass and weeds. It's also a lightweight machine. The Black & Decker electric trimmer weighs 5.9 pounds. Several of the trimmers we reviewed are lighter, but this is still not a heavy machine. This electric string trimmer has a cutting swath of 14 inches, which can be a huge plus if you have a lot of grass to trim but a major drawback if you're looking for a trimmer that can fit into small spaces.

The auto feed on this electric weed whacker keeps your line at the length it needs to be; however, you may find this type of line feed uses more line. If you're used to using a bump-and-feed electric string trimmer, be careful to not forget and bump the automatic feed head on the ground. This could ruin the feed mechanism. It uses 0.065-inch round line. The Black & Decker electric trimmer comes with two lines to do your trimming. While this can be a plus because it helps you get your work done quickly, it also uses more line than a single-line trimmer.

The pole extends. You can adjust the length of the pole to three different sizes. Each of the three choices clicks into place. The electric string trimmer has two handles: one at the top of the pole and one on the front of the machine. This makes it easy to navigate the head on the trimmer. The handles are comfortable to grip.

The head of the trimmer rotates to convert into an electric edger. The Black & Decker electric trimmer also has a retractable edge guard. This guide helps you keep the greenery you want by giving you a clear idea where the string on the trimmer ends.

The Black & Decker GH700 comes with the standard cord-retention hook. It allows you to wrap the electrical cord around it to prevent your extension cord from coming out of your electric weed eater. The retention device doesn't secure the plug into your power source, however, so you may find yourself following the extension cord all the way to the power source to plug it back in if you stretch your electric string trimmer too far.

String Features

You'll need a Phillips screwdriver to assemble the electric string trimmer. Assembly includes attaching the two-piece safety guard and the auxiliary handle. The manufacturer says you must have the safety guard in place or the motor will overheat. One downside to having two lines is that you have to replace the line more frequently. There's also a common complaint that the line tangles easily.



Warranty & Support

There's a two-year warranty that covers the product from defects in the materials or workmanship. Black & Decker will either repair or replace your electric string trimmer. You can either return the electric string trimmer to the retailer that you purchased it from, or you can visit a Black & Decker authorized service center.

The manual walks you through the process of attaching the two-part safety guard and the auxiliary handle. It also includes pictures that correlate with each step.

The repair parts are not as easy to identify. The information is not in the manual. Some electric string trimmers have a diagram that lists where each part is located on the machine and what its replacement number is.

Black & Decker has an easy-to-navigate website. The online instruction manual is easy to find. Black & Decker's Service Net helps you find the parts you need. We were disappointed with the company's customer service, however. We had to wait on hold several times when we called. When we asked how far the shaft extends on the electric string trimmer, the manufacturer was not able to find the information for us.


The Black & Decker electric trimmer has a powerful engine for an electric weed whacker. It converts from a trimmer to an edger, and it comes with a retractable edge guard. Black & Decker's customer service isn't as helpful as other manufacturers' support teams, but this string trimmer comes with a two-year warranty for defects. This 14-inch, dual-line GrassHog will trim your weeds and edge your lawn.

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