Pros / The Greenworks 21052 electric string trimmer provides you with plenty of power and speed so you can chop through weeds and grass.

Cons / If you have small spaces that need trimming, this 15-inch cutting swath may be too big for your needs.

 Verdict / This is the best electric string trimmer because it comes with a four-year warranty, an extendable shaft and bonus string.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Greenworks 21052 is an electric string trimmer that provides you with power, auto feed line and multiple head tilting positions. Of all the electric string trimmers we reviewed, the Greenworks 21052 supplied the most amperes and one of the highest rpms. It has an adjustable telescoping pole so you can extend it to fit your height comfortably. The Greenworks 21052 has the longest warranty of all the electric string trimmers we reviewed, as well.

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Trimmer Design

The Greenworks 21052 had the highest amperes of all the electric string trimmers we reviewed, 5.5 (amps). The higher the amps, the more power your trimmer will have available to turn the rotating piece on your trimmer. The head on the Greenworks 21052 electric trimmer moves at 8,000 rotations per minutes (rpm). This is an average amount of rpms for an electric string trimmer. The Greenworks 21052 has 120 volts.



Power & Battery

You can perform light to medium work with this electric string trimmer. It has an auto feed line, so you don't have to worry about bumping the trimmer on the ground to advance the line. The Greenworks 21052 has two handles to give you more control over the electric trimmer, which converts to an edger. The front handle is adjustable so you can find a comfortable grip and the upper handle is rotatable. This electric weed trimmer comes with a cutting swath of 15 inches so you can make quick work of large spaces. This, however, can be less appealing if you have small spaces you need to trim. The Greenworks 21052 also comes standard with a grass deflector.

The handle extends to make it easier to use if you're taller. You can adjust the telescoping boom coupler to lengthen the shaft and give you a more comfortable tool. The shortest the shaft can be is 42 inches and the most it extends is to 48 inches.

The Greenworks 21052 quickly converts into an edger. The edger guide mounts on to the front of the machine to help you follow along the perimeter of your lawn. The guide is pretty standard for this type of grass trimmer.

It comes with a cord retention device so your power cord doesn't come unplugged from your electric weed trimmer every time you move it. You can loop the power cord over a hook on the handle that helps your power cord stay connected.

The Greenworks 21052 is 7.3 pounds, which is heavy in comparison to many similar electric line trimmers. Much of the weight is in the head of the electric trimmer. The heavier weight may be deterrent for you if you are looking for a lighter electric trimmer.

This trimmer comes with a power switch and a trigger that rotates the string. The Greenworks 21052 doesn't come with a safety switch. If you have a problem with the electric string trimmer, you can release the trigger to stop the string from rotating. If you're worried about accidentally pushing the trigger, you can turn off the power.

The pole is straight to enable to you to get into smaller gaps such as under a deck. The curved shafts that sometimes come on weed whackers can make it more difficult to reach such places. All the electric weed trimmers we reviewed have straight shafts. The Greenworks 21052 head tilts in three different positions so you reach the places you need to trim.

The Greenworks 21052 uses standard 0.065-inch monofilament string. You can use the manufacturer's brand of string. This isn't necessary, however. As long as you use the standard 0.065-inch string, it shouldn't be a problem for your electric line trimmer. The Greenworks 21052 uses one string at a time.

The Greenworks 21052 comes with a bonus replacement spool of string. Of all the products we reviewed, this was the only electric string trimmer to include a bonus spool. This is a convenient because it means less time you'll have to spend obtaining string for your electric trimmer.

Be aware that this electric string trimmer doesn't come with a power cord. You'll have to supply that yourself. The user manual has a guide to help you find an extension cord that will work safely with your electric line trimmer. It gives the amp rating and total length of the extension cord they suggest you use. They don't recommend you use an extension cord that has more than a 12-amp rating. Greenworks also suggests you use an extension cord made for outdoor use, which the extension cord indicates with the letters "WA."

String Features

This Greenworks electric weed cutter is tool-less. This means that you can change the string without having to use tools. To take the spool retainer off in order to replace the spool, you must hold in the tabs while you turn the spool retainer. This electric trimmer head is large and can be more difficult to remove for people who have smaller hands.

As you might expect with a trimmer, weeds can wind around the shaft as the head rotates. If this happens, you'll need to unplug your trimmer and free the head from the weeds. Be sure to unplug the trimmer to avoid accidently injuring yourself while your fingers are near the cutting string. Long grass and weeds are more likely to wrap around the weed trimmer if you cut it at ground level. You may be able to avoid the problem by cutting down tall weeds a portion at a time.

One of the biggest problems with electric string trimmers in general is how ineffectively the string feeds from the trimmer. When we talked to the manufacturer about this common problem, they said it's typically because the string isn't properly wound onto the spool. Their suggestion is to use factory-wound spools to help avoid the problem. Even though the manufacturer discourages it, you can wind your own string on the spool. The user manual gives you some basic directions of how to wind the string on the spool. Since this is an automatic-feed electric string trimmer instead of a bump-head model, the string comes out when you press the trigger in the upper handle. If you try bumping the head of the trimmer on the ground to advance the string, you might damage the trimmer.

Warranty & Support

Greenworks has knowledgeable customer service for their telephone support. We had to wait on hold for several minutes before a customer service rep was available to talk to us. They also have email support. The user manual has information about all the parts for your electric string trimmer to make reordering easier to do.

We were impressed with the warranty for the Greenworks 21052. Greenworks gives you a four-year warranty as long as you have proof of purchase. You can register online for the warranty if you prefer. The manual has a telephone number in case you have trouble with your electric weed trimmer.


The Greenworks 21052 electric string trimmer has a lot of power to help you get rid of weeds quickly. It has a 15-inch cutting path to help you trim larger portions of lawn quicker. However, this may be a disadvantage if you have small spaces you need to trim.

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