Lets Fine The Right Garage Door Opener For You

Pros / This chain drive opener has a 3/4-horsepower motor capable of lifting doors up to 550 pounds.

Cons / This opener doesn't work with home automation systems.

 Verdict / The Craftsman 3/4-horsepower Chain Drive garage door opener is a strong, reliable opener with nice security and safety features that will protect you in times of emergency.

Craftsman, a Sears brand, is a tool and hardware line known for its high quality, and the Craftsman 3/4-horsepower Chain Drive garage door opener is no exception. This powerful garage opener is capable of lifting doors that weigh up to 550 pounds. This amount of horsepower is perfect for lifting wooden or ornate garage doors and is more than enough to open a standard metal sectional door.

While chain drive openers have a bad reputation for being noisy, the chain used by this Craftsman is much smoother and quieter than other chain drive openers. The quieter the door opener the better, especially if you have a bedroom that sits in close proximity to the garage.

This garage door opener is not compatible with HomeLink, MyQ or Car2U home automation systems. Unfortunately you won’t be able to control your garage door from your smartphone. Smartphone connectivity is a nice convenience that makes it so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you closed your garage door. It is becoming an increasingly common feature among garage door openers.

This Craftsman garage door opener earns high marks for both safety and security. Its rolling code prevents burglars from getting your code. Another security feature is the lock mode. If you ever lose track of one of your remotes for any reason, it is best not to leave it functional. The locking feature completely disables the remotes until you can find or replace the lost remotes. You can still have control over your door through the keyless entry number pad, which is more difficult for criminals to utilize than remotes.

The automatic light sensor provides its own layer of safety by ensuring you never have to fumble around in a dark garage. Once the infrared beam is crossed, the garage lights come on instantly. You can easily program the light to turn itself off at a range of different time intervals. The lighting system facilitates two 100-watt lightbulbs, enough to really illuminate a space. In order to be of any use, especially in terms of security, garage door openers need to offer a significant lighting system.

This garage door opener automatically stops if anything cuts across an infrared safety beam that is projected along the bottom of the door opening. The added safety of this feature extends beyond day-to-day use and into the realm of installation. You cannot even get this garage door opener to move until the safety sensor components are in place and functional. The sensors will detect if something is blocking the door and reverse the motion, as a safety precaution. This is especially important if you have pets or children in your home. When the infrared beam system is fully functional, it allows the installer to finish working and keeps everyone safe around the door.

This garage door opener includes several ease-of-use features such as a keyless entry pad and motion-detecting lights. The keyless entry pad allows you to access your garage without having to get into your vehicle to press the remote button. This is a great feature, especially if you are working in the yard and need to grab something from the garage or if your kids forget their door key.

The Craftsman 3/4-horsepower Chain Drive comes with two 3-button remotes. Not having to pay extra for a second remote is a great benefit, especially if you have two cars. The control panel features an oversized door button that is easy to press as well as buttons to control the lock and lights.

This Craftsman garage opener has a lifetime warranty on the motor and a three-year limited warranty that covers the other parts of the opener. This includes the rail and chain. While the warranty on parts is not quite as impressive as our top-ranked openers, having a lifetime warranty on the motor is a good reassurance.

Sears provides product support with FAQs and online manuals on its website. If you have an issue with your opener, you can reach support by phone and email, or you can visit your local Sears store. Sears also offers live chat support on its website, giving you another option if you don't want to use your phone minutes.

Craftsman 3/4 hp Chain Drive 54990 Compare Quotes
  • Motor Warranty
  • Belt or Chain Warranty
  • Parts Warranty
  • Maximum Light Wattage
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity
  1. The amount of time the manufacturer covers the motor.
    50 = Lifetime
  2. 4  Craftsman 3/4 hp Chain Drive
    50.0 Years
  3. 50.0 Years
  4. 50.0 Years
  5. 50.0 Years
  6. Category Average
    34.0 Years


This garage door opener is impressive in many ways. It has great safety and security features, including the ability to disable a lost remote until you can find it, to prevent it from being used by the wrong person. The 3/4-horsepower strength raises and lowers just about any door in a hurry, and its reversal system helps keep you and your family safe from being crushed by a closing door. The door will detect if something is blocking it and reverse motion. The Craftsman 3/4-horsepower Chain Drive is a great choice for homeowners with large, heavy doors and is worth considering when choosing a reliable garage door opener.

Craftsman 3/4 hp Chain Drive 54990 Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks

Opener Design

Door Style
Gatehouse, Sectional Double-wide
Maximum Lifting Capacity (pounds)
Total Horsepower
Lift System
Maximum Door Height (feet)

Safety & Security

Rolling Code
Lock Mode
Motion Sensor Lights
Automatic Reverse
Infrared Beam
Manual Release


Remote Controls Included
Remote Control Style
3 Button
Keyless Entry Pad
Control Panel
Light Delay (minutes)
Maximum Light Wattage
Number of Lights


Motor Warranty
Belt or Chain Warranty
3 Years
Parts Warranty
3 Years

Help & Support

Phone & Email
Online Manual
Live Chat