Best garage door openers 2019: quick and quiet access to your garage

LiftMaster 8500W Garage Door Opener
The LiftMaster 8500W is reliable and quiet which is why it ranked highly in our list of the best garage door openers. However, it lacks some features such as a keyless entry pad and a second remote.
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When you roll up into our driveway, having a great automatic garage door opener lets you drive straight in without having to get out and open it yourself. The sun may be baking everything in sight, or it may be pouring down with rain, making the prospect of stepping out of our car just that little less desirable. That's why we've tested and complied a list of the very best garage door openers.

The best garage door opener needs to fulfill certain requirements; it has to be able to lift a heavy garage door, it needs to be reliable, the remote has to be convenient, and it wouldn’t hurt if it had a quiet motor and a backup power source in case of a power cut. 

Most new garage door openers worth their salt also come with essential safety features for our smart-tech age, such as a rolling code to make sure hackers can’t intercept the code sent between your door and the remote, as well as a lock mode for when you’re away on holiday or work trips, so no one can open your door via the remote or keypad until you return.

In our testing, we've found the Chamberlain B970 to be the best overall garage door opener because of its 1 1/4 horsepower drive; quiet, belt-driven operation; smart-home compatibility; and lifetime warranty on the motor.

1. Chamberlain B970: Best overall

Best overall garage door opener Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970

Packed with features, trustworthy and smart-home integrated, this Chamberlain model is our top choice

Reasons to Buy
Lifetime motor warranty
Quiet operation
Reasons to Avoid
No lifetime parts warranty

We chose the Chamberlain B970 as the best garage door opener because it has most of the features we look for in this type of device.

The Chamberlain garage door opener is one of only two units we looked at that comes with a built-in backup battery. This feature allows you to access your garage in the event of a power outage, which is especially helpful if you have trouble using the manual release. The lift system uses a belt to provide a quieter way to open your door compared with more-common chain-driven systems. With a motor rating of 1 1/4 horsepower (HP), the unit can lift residential garage doors without causing excess wear and tear.

Both the belt and the motor have a lifetime warranty, while the other parts get five years of warranty coverage. This isn’t as good as Sommer’s lifetime parts warranty, but it’s still decent. The unit comes with two remote controls and built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to control the garage door using the Chamberlain myQ app.

2. LiftMaster 8500W: Best professionally installed

Best garage door openers LiftMaster 8500W

LiftMaster 8500W

It's tricky to install, but could be worth the extra outlay

Reasons to Buy
Automatic dead bolt
Excellent warranty
Wall-mounted design
Reasons to Avoid
Expensive upfront cost and installation
No outdoor keypad
Only one remote

The LiftMaster 8500W is more secure than some of the other garage door openers we evaluated because it includes an automatic garage door deadbolt that physically unlocks and locks as you use the opener.

This mechanism makes it more difficult for intruders to force the door open and enter your garage. This LiftMaster garage door opener is also the only wall-mounted model in our comparison, which makes it a good option if you want to clear up ceiling space to store items above your garage door. This is possible because the LiftMaster 8500W uses a jackshaft lift system, though it does require a torsion-spring-type garage door to function. For comparison, most garage doors use extension springs.

The LiftMaster 8500W is the most expensive garage door opener we reviewed. It requires not only a high upfront cost but also professional installation by a certified dealer. Despite the expense, the unit comes with an excellent lifetime warranty on the motor and lift system, with five-year coverage on other parts.

Although you can control the door with a mobile app, its other accessories are limited; it doesn’t come with an outdoor keypad and includes only one remote control.

3. Chamberlain C410: Best Value

Best cheap garage door opener Chamberlain C410

Chamberlain C410

Reasons to Buy
Positive customer reviews
Reasons to Avoid
No lifetime motor warranty
Louder than belt-driven lift systems

The Chamberlain C410 comes with a 10-year motor warranty and a durable, chain-driven lift system.

This Chamberlain garage door opener has very favorable customer reviews on both Amazon and the Lowe’s website, with a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars. With only 1/2 horsepower, the Chamberlain C410 might not be able to lift some larger doors, but it’s a great option for most homes, particularly those with single-car garages.

The unit comes with two remotes and is compatible with an internet connection and a mobile app, if you have the Chamberlain myQ smart garage door controller. The Chamberlain C410 isn’t as quiet as the belt-driven garage door openers we evaluated, but it is a reliable option for controlling your garage door.

At the time of this writing, the Chamberlain is one of the most affordable garage door openers in our comparison. It is the one we'd pick as the best cheap garage door opener and costs considerably less than our top pick, the Chamberlain B970. 

Although the unit lacks lifetime warranty coverage on the motor, it’s still an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

4. Genie MachForce Connect: Best customer satisfaction

best garage door opener Genie MachForce Connect

Genie MachForce Connect

This Genie model is a favorite among customers

Reasons to Buy
High customer satisfaction
Built-in Wi-Fi.
Excellent warranty
Reasons to Avoid
Only for doors up to 8 feet
No outdoor keypad
No motion-activated lighting

The Genie MachForce Connect is one of the newest garage door openers we evaluated, and it has very favorable reviews at Home Depot, the exclusive retailer for the unit.

In fact, it had the highest customer rating of all the garage door openers we evaluated, scoring 4.6 out of 5 stars. This screw-driven garage door opener also has the highest horsepower rating in our comparison, with a 2-HP motor, which means it can handle residential garage doors with ease.

The Genie MachForce Connect has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to control your garage door using the Genie Aladdin Connect smartphone app. The warranty on the MachForce Connect is also impressive, with lifetime coverage on both the motor and the lift system and three years of coverage on the other parts, which is better than the one-year average among garage door openers.

Unfortunately, Genie doesn’t support doors higher than 8 feet, even with an extension kit, so this device isn’t a good choice for tall garages used for storing boats or RVs. Moreover, this unit doesn’t come with an outdoor keypad or motion-activated lighting.

5. Sommer Direct Drive: Best warranty

Best garage door opener Sommer Direct Drive

Sommer Direct Drive

This Sommer garage door opener comes with the peace of mind of an excellent warranty package

Reasons to Buy
Lifetime warranty on all components
Reasons to Avoid
Quite expensive
No wireless keypad

The warranties on garage door openers tend to be quite generous. In fact, it’s normal for the motors to have lifetime warranties.

However, the Sommer Direct Drive is the only garage door opener in our comparison that has a lifetime warranty on the motor, lift system and parts – the most generous warranty package of any garage door opener we reviewed.

Notably, the Sommer device is the only direct-drive lift system we evaluated, which means the 3/4-horsepower motor travels along a fixed chain in the rail with only one moving part. This provides the durability of a chain-driven system and the reduced noise of a belt-driven system.

Unfortunately, this type of system makes the Sommer Direct Drive more expensive; it costs over $60 more than an average garage door opener. The unit comes with two remotes for your vehicles as well as a control panel for inside your garage. It doesn’t include a remote keypad like its competitors do, but you can buy a keypad separately for about $45.

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ProductPriceOverall RatingDesign & ControlConvenienceWarrantyPriceHorsepowerLift SystemTimer-to-CloseMotion-Activated LightingBattery BackupExtension Kit AvailableCustomer SatisfactionRemote Controls IncludedOutdoor KeypadWi-FiSmart Home PlatformMotor WarrantyLift System WarrantyParts Warranty
Chamberlain B970View Deal4.5/$$$1 1/4 HPBeltUp to 10 feet88%2 (3-button)Built-inHomeLink, Honeywell, Nest, Wink,, Xfinity, Google($), HomeKit($), IFTTT($)LifetimeLifetime5 Years
LiftMaster 8500WView Deal4.5/$$$$1/2 HPJackshaftNot Required90%1 (3-button)$Built-inHomeLink, Honeywell, Nest, Wink,, Xfinity, Google($), HomeKit($), IFTTT($)LifetimeLifetime5 Years
Chamberlain B550View Deal4/$$1/2 HPBeltUp to 10 feet85%2 (3-button)Built-inHomeLink, Honeywell, Nest, Wink,, Xfinity, Google($), HomeKit($), IFTTT($)10 Years15 Years1 Year
Genie MachForce Connect 4063View Deal4/$$$2 HPScrew$Up to 8 feet92%2 (3-button)$Built-inHomeLink, Car2U, IrisLifetimeLifetime3 Years
Craftsman 57915View Deal4/$$$3/4 HPBeltUp to 10 feet82%2 (3-button)Built-inHomeLink10 Years3 Years3 Years
Chamberlain C410View Deal4/$1/2 HPChain$Up to 10 feet87%2 (3-button)$HomeLink, Honeywell, Nest, Wink,, Xfinity, Google($), HomeKit($), IFTTT($)10 Years1 Year1 Year
Skylink Atoms AT-1622BKView Deal3.5/$$1/2 HPBelt$Up to 10 feet83%2 (1-button)$HomeLink, Alexa, IFTTT6 Years1 Year1 Year
Sommer Direct Drive 1042V004View Deal3.5/54.37.810$$$3/4 HPDirectUp to 14 feet91%2 (2-button)$Third PartyHomeLinkLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Ryobi GD126View Deal3.5/$$1 1/4 HPBeltUp to 12 feet64%2 (2-button)$Built-inHomeLinkLifetimeLifetime3 Years
Craftsman 54930View Deal3.5/54.886.8$1/2 HPChain$$Up to 10 feet87%2 (3-button)$$HomeLink4 Years1 Year1 Year
Genie Chain Drive 500 1035View Deal3/$1/2 HPChain$Up to 8 feet90%1 (1-button)$$HomeLink, Car2U, Iris5 Years5 Years1 Year