Pros / This weed whacker is compatible with six optional attachments (sold separately) for a complete yard-care tool.

Cons / The gas trimmer runs on the loud side at 105 decibels.

 Verdict / Poulan Pro’s weed whacker has a powerful two-cycle engine that can cut through thickets of grass and weeds along with a comfortable balance point on the shaft.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

When you have a large yard that needs constant attention, you're going to need a trimmer that can not only handle the considerable job but that is easy to maneuver so you don't get tired before the job is done.

The Poulan Pro straight-shaft, two-cycle gas-powered trimmer is one of the best weed whackers we tested. It slices through thick weeds and even some small, sprouting trees with ease. The tool can accept attachments other than the string trimmer head, making it very versatile.

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Thanks to Poulan Pro’s powerful engine, it breezes through grass and weeds and won't stop or stall as it slices through yard work. In fact, it scored better than most of the gas weed eaters we tested. Having such a strong motor, though, means you'll hear it. At 105 decibels (dB), it’s one of the louder weed eaters we tested. As with all gas-powered tools, it is recommended that you use hearing protection because the sound of the engine can reach more than 95 dB. If you use your trimmer for long periods of time, the loud sounds could damage your hearing.

Although this gas trimmer is on the heavier side, it is well balanced between the engine, shaft and trimmer head, so our testers didn't tire quickly. The vibration during operation wasn't as low as the best weed eaters, but it was manageable. The slight discomfort was worth the precise cut.


When we pulled the Poulan Pro weed whacker out of its box to assemble it, we were glad to see an ergonomic handle, because we knew it would help displace the weight of the tool and give more control while sweeping across grass and weeds. The best gas trimmers, like the Poulan Pro we tested, come with a shoulder strap, which can also help mitigate the weight. The Poulan is an adaptable device that also includes a weed blade that you can swap out for handling thicker trees, if you need. At 40 inches, this weed whacker is an average length, compared to the other trimmers on our lineup.

The tool is compatible with a variety of other attachments, including a cultivator for tilling soil, a pole saw for buzzing through thick tree branches, an edger for even and neat edges and a blower to straighten up your lawn and walkways when you're done. All of the attachments, except the weed blade, are sold separately.

String Features

The trimmer's head has a dual-line exit, which means you'll have string coming from opposite ends of the head. Once the line wears down to just a couple of inches, you'll need to bump the bottom of the head into the ground to feed out more. It takes a second to figure out, but most weed whackers use this bumping technique.

One of the best things about this trimmer is the feed capacity. The string is 25 feet long, meaning you won't have to replace it as often. This was tied for the longest string of the trimmers we tested.

Warranty & Support

The Poulan Pro offers the standard, two-year warranty that most tool manufacturers offer. If you discover any defective bits and pieces within two years of purchasing the trimmer, the company will replace or repair it for you free. This warranty also covers the drive shaft.

You can find a service center near you by entering your location, such as zip code, on the Poulan Pro website. From the manufacturer’s website, you can also find online manuals and telephone contact information in case you need customer support. However, the manufacturer does not offer assistance by email or through an online contact on its website – you'll need to call.


Poulan Pro’s two-cycle, gas-powered trimmer offers strong bursts of power throughout any weed whacking job to help you power through yard work quickly. It has the ability to transform into six different tools if you use the accompanying weed blade and buy the additional attachments. Although this weed whacker is louder than most, it's a minor inconvenience, and we still consider this one of the best gas trimmers on the market.

Poulan Pro Gas Trimmer PP28LD Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Shaft Length (inches)
Cutting Path (inches)
Sound Level (dB)
Fuel Capacity (ounces)
Engine Displacement
Attachment Capable
Shoulder Strap Included

String Features

Line Feed Type
Line Feed Capacity (feet)
Line Diameter (inches)
Dual-Line Exit

Warranty & Support

2 Years
Drive Shaft Warranty
2 Years
Service Centers
Online Manual