Pros / This gas trimmer features an 18-inch cutting radius.

Cons / This trimmer weighs just over twelve pounds.

 Verdict / Although it weighs a little more than the average trimmer, this weed whacker is compatible with a multitude of attachments you can buy and use to make landscaping easy.

This energetic gas weed whacker boasts a 40-inch shaft, not including the head or any attachments, so it is easy to clear away unwanted grass, weeds and any other vegetation marring the appearance of your otherwise beautiful lawn.

This 2-cycle gas trimmer comes with a handle that you can adjust to make it more comfortable for you or other family members assigned to lawn duty.

This gas trimmer also lets you use additional attachments that you can buy. This makes yard work considerably easier and means you can get more done, so your yard is trimmed and tidied to your satisfaction. Ryobi manufactures its own attachments, and you can buy such extras as an edger, blower or tiller that let you move smoothly from one chore to another. The extra tools are an extra expense initially but make yardwork far easier and faster, which means you will spend less time toiling away.

You get a bump-feed string trimmer head with this lawn care device that lets you quickly and easily extend more string with a simple thump on the ground.

One drawback to this weed whacker is the fact that the engine is not designed with any specialized anti-vibration function. This means that you'll definitely feel the vibrations in your hands as you work in the yard. Fortunately, the wide 18-inch cutting path allows you to make fewer passes across grassy or weedy areas to clear away unwanted vegetation to create the rich-looking and manicured look you prefer.

The Ryobi Gas Trimmer RY253SS provides a better-than-average warranty: three years for parts and labor and three years for the drive shaft. Generally, the industry standard is two years, so this is a better buy.

Should you encounter difficulties using your Ryobi weed eater, you can always check the online manual to find troubleshooting tips. If necessary, you can take your gas weed eater to a local service center or contact the manufacturer by phone or email.

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  • Weight
  • Cutting Path
  • Sound Level
  • Line Feed Capacity
  • Warranty
  1. How heavy the assembled unit is.
    Less is Better.
  2. 4  Ryobi
    12.0 lbs.
  3. 11.0 lbs.
  4. 12.0 lbs.
  5. 3  Toro
    12.5 lbs.
  6. Category Average
    11.43 lbs.


The Ryobi RY253SS Gas Trimmer can be a versatile weed eater if you opt for the additional attachments that let you do much more than simply clear weeds and its wide cutting path can help reduce the time you'll spend working on your yard.

Ryobi Gas Trimmer RY253SS Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Shaft Length (inches)
Cutting Path (inches)
Sound Level (dB)
Fuel Capacity (ounces)
Engine Displacement
Debris Shield
Attachment Capable
Shoulder Strap Included



String Features

Line Feed Type
Line Feed Capacity (feet)
Line Diameter (inches)
Dual-Line Exit

Warranty & Support

3 Years
Drive Shaft Warranty
3 Years
Service Centers
Online Manual