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ADT Pulse Review

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PROS / ADT has a massive network of certified dealers, so no matter where you live, you can no doubt get an ADT system and service.

CONS / There is little information on the website about pricing.

 VERDICT / ADT still looms large in the home security business but also has some high-quality and convenient offerings for home automation that can make your house safe, efficient and inviting.

Editor's note: ADT recently announced the completion of a merger with Protection 1. Although the two companies currently operate independently, both will eventually operate exclusively under the ADT brand. When ADT and Protection 1 complete this brand integration, we will update our home automation reviews to reflect that information.

With a history in the communications field dating to the 19th century and early movement into the home security world, ADT has established its spot as a well-known home security monitoring company. Today, ADT also provides a slightly limited but good home automation system.

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    11 year(s)
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    4.80 year(s)

ADT works with an enormous network of certified dealers, so you should have no trouble finding someone to help you get the ADT service and equipment you want for your home. The company's website also lets you check dealers’ licensing numbers so you can rest assured you are working with someone certified to sell the system. ADT's equipment comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a real boon. You can learn about its offerings by reading descriptions of various security and home automation devices and how they work on the company’s website. There is also a useful help center and set of FAQs.

This company offers an abundance of security devices but just a few for home automation. ADT's Pulse service synchronizes with the trademarked Nest Learning Thermostat so you can remotely control the temperature in your home. Using this thermostat, you can keep the heater or air conditioner low while you are away and adjust the temperature to a comfortable level before anyone arrives home. This keeps your utility bills low and your family comfortable. You can arrange to have this home control system feature work automatically without your input in the Auto Schedule mode.

You can also use the system to lock and unlock doors via a computer, tablet or smartphone so you don’t have to fumble for a key or stand in the dark trying to get the door open. Along with this, you can open your garage, light up the entryway and unlock the doors from your phone as you pull in the driveway at night. ADT's video surveillance, is another helpful feature, as it lets you see who is approaching your home or on your property as well as check on the safety of your children and pets.

ADT previously didn’t list pricing information on its website, but now it shows a few prices. Still, there are not nearly as many upfront cost listings or estimates as on other home automation and security companies’ websites. Instead, ADT pushes for you to meet with an ADT representative to determine what your home might need.

This company goes out of its way to make it as easy and convenient as possible to get in contact with a representative. Throughout the ADT website, pages display links to free quotes, phone numbers, and quite often, live chat tabs.


ADT has a solid record in home security, but its selection of home automation equipment is relatively small compared to its home safety offerings. However, the devices and services the company provides are well explained on its website, and it is a breeze to get in touch with a company representative. ADT has started adding a few pricing estimates to the website, which are helpful but could be more complete.