Pros / You can verify whether the person at your door is really a Vivint representative through the company’s website, which helps protect you against would-be criminals.

Cons / It doesn’t support more sophisticated home automation equipment. For example, it can’t automatically open and shut window coverings or control your home theater.

 Verdict / Vivint keeps your home secure and offers some solid, if rather basic, home automation features to make your living environment inviting, efficient and enjoyable.

Vivint has established itself in the home security monitoring world and puts a strong emphasis on home safety. However, it also provides some home automation equipment that can go a long way toward making your house a more hospitable and enjoyable environment.

You can learn quite a bit about this company through its website, which has clearly written and understandable information about different devices and services. These resources can help you learn how to do such things as see a live feed from an outdoor surveillance camera on your VivintSky app or operate a smart thermostat. You can also use the search function, peruse the FAQs section and view informative infographics.

Vivint uses wireless cellular technology so you can monitor and change different safety and comfort functions in your house through a tablet, computer or smartphone, no matter where you are. The system works with a network of approximately 50 hardware providers, so you have a reasonable number of equipment brands from which to choose but not as many as the best home automation systems. You get a lifetime warranty on Vivint equipment. All of Vivint's dealers are certified, so you can be sure you are working with someone who understands the system and can handle the job.

With Vivint's home control system, you can use its app to control the Nest Learning Thermostat, which automatically changes home temperatures when you are gone to slash energy costs. The system syncs not only with your computer and mobile devices, but also with the Amazon Echo so you can use voice controls to adjust the temperature.

In addition, you can control lighting, locks and your garage door so you come home to a well-lit house with the door opened just for your car and you, then you can lock everything tightly against intruders. Vivint offers an extensive variety of surveillance cameras, including a doorbell camera you can use to see who is on the front porch and check to see what's happening in your home and yard while you are at work or on vacation. You can also make use of the 7-inch Vivint SkyControl panel, which is a wall-mounted touchscreen that lets you adjust safety and comfort functions within your house with only a finger.

Unlike the best home automation systems, you can’t use Vivint’s system to operate more high-end functions. For example, it can’t start a film, change your sound system or adjust lights when you want to watch a movie, nor can it electronically control curtains or blinds.

One area where Vivint shines is in its regard for your personal safety: It has an online system where you can check the ID of someone who claims to work for Vivint by plugging in his or her company ID number – all employees should be wearing a Vivint uniform, show an ID badge and give you their ID number. This commendable service makes sure you aren’t tricked by some would-be criminal posing as a company representative.

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  • Equipment Warranty
  1. The number of years the equipment is under warranty. 11 indicates lifetime coverage.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 8  Vivint
    11.0 year(s)
  3. 3.0 year(s)
  4. 2.0 year(s)
  5. 3  Savant
    2.0 year(s)
  6. Category Average
    5.0 year(s)


In its 15 years of operation, Vivint has become a strong contender in the home security monitoring world and offers service throughout the United States. It has also expanded its home automation systems so you can get some equipment that assists you with energy efficiency, home management, comfort and convenience. As of yet, you do not get more advanced controls for home entertainment systems. However, there are options for basic capabilities such as controlling the temperature, lights, locks, garage door and video cameras.

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