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AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Compare Quotes

Pros / The equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cons / You do not receive a two-way intercom that connects you with a company representative during an emergency.

 Verdict / You get some good services and equipment on AT&T Digital Life's basic plan, but they are just that – very basic, with fewer additional devices than many basic plans.

AT&T Digital Life, which recently acquired LifeShield, has three wireless and customizable security monitoring system plans that watch over your home 24/7. The basic package includes a keypad, motion sensor, an indoor siren, three recessed contact sensors and three surface contact sensors. However, you have to pay extra for helpful standard security features like a two-way intercom.

You can conceal recessed contact sensors in places like doorjambs, and they detect if any unwanted person tries to get in your home. Surface contact sensors detect if someone is attempting to open a window. You can buy extra basic equipment if you want when you sign up for this level of service. The service contract runs for two years. As with all of this company's plans, you must pay to have the equipment professionally installed. One worthwhile benefit is the lifetime warranty that accompanies your equipment.

With AT&T Digital Life, you receive alerts via text or email. You can access your property from any smartphone, laptop or tablet, and this alarm monitoring service works with high-speed internet services – you do not need AT&T as your internet provider. You can also check your account online.

The basic package keeps watch over your property for break-ins or any attempted forced entries with the door and window sensors. The motion sensor and indoor siren help deter even the most brazen burglars. When you invest in this plan, you can also add optional devices, including a keychain remote, smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass-break sensor and touchscreen control. You must pay for the devices themselves, but the home alarm monitoring company's monitoring services for these devices is considered part of your regular monthly bill on the basic plan.

While you get quality coverage with AT&T Digital Life's basic plan, there are a few things missing from it. For instance, this plan does not include a two-way intercom so you can communicate with a company representative through the control panel if an emergency occurs.

You cannot contact AT&T Digital Life through email like you can with all the other home security companies in our review. However, you can speak to a company representative by phone and get courteous assistance. Our experience with phone representatives for this company was quite positive, and there was no waiting time. This company also has live chat support, which is always a helpful feature, since you get answers to questions so quickly. In addition, the company provides your alarm history reports, a FAQs section on its website and useful online tutorials, all of which can help you better understand and use your home security system.

  • Basic Monthly Monitoring Fee
  • Contract Agreement Period
  • Number of 24-Hour Monitoring Plans
  • Customer Service Availability
  • Equipment Selection
  1. This is the monthly monitoring fee for a service.
    Lower is Better
  2. 6  AT&T Digital Life
  3. $29.95
  4. 2  ADT
  5. $41.99
  6. Category Average


AT&T Digital Life provides a good basic service that gives you protection primarily against anyone breaking into your home or sneaking in and moving about inside. However, you must pay for additional optional devices such as smoke or carbon monoxide sensors, although the cost of monitoring them is included in your regular bill. For this reason, this could end up being an expensive choice compared to the basic plans of the best home security companies.

AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Compare Quotes