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Frontpoint Protection Plan Review

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PROS / Frontpoint has first-rate customer support.

CONS / You do not get a two-way intercom to communicate with a company representative during an emergency.

 VERDICT / Frontpoint's versatile approach to home security can meet each home's unique needs, making it one of the best security monitoring choices around.

Frontpoint has some of the most comprehensive help and support offerings of the home security companies in our review. It places customer care at the top of its priority list by providing many resources, such as eBooks and tutorial videos, on its website. Frontpoint offers these care options in addition to outstanding monitoring and alerts, which is why it earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for home security monitoring.

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Monitoring Services

Frontpoint has three monitoring service plans: the Protection Plan, the Interactive Plan and the Ultimate Plan. All three plans are monitored 24/7 using a dedicated, cellular connection that works even if a burglar cuts your landline or the power goes out.

Frontpoint's Protection Plan, the least expensive of the three, includes burglar- and intrusion-monitoring devices, as well as fire and environmental change detection devices and medical pendants. This combination of features protects your house in the event of nearly any emergency, whether you are home or not.

The second-tier service, Interactive Monitoring, is the company's most popular home security package. This monitoring service includes all the Protection Plan options and adds a few benefits. For example, the plan allows you to remotely access your system so you can check its status, arm it, disarm it and even customize settings from your Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

You usually have a minute or so to disarm the system after an alarm triggers. In some cases, when burglars know what they are after, they have enough time to run in, grab a few items and leave before the authorities arrive. With Frontpoint's Crash and Smash feature, included in the Interactive package, a signal goes out immediately as a pending notice for the authorities to be on standby. Although it may not seem like much, every second counts in an emergency.

The last upgrade option that comes in the Interactive package is home automation for lighting. With this feature, you can remotely turn on and off lights and small appliances in your house. This is great for times when you are away from home and want the house to look lived in. Burglars usually choose houses that look unoccupied.

Frontpoint's top-tier home alarm monitoring plan, the Ultimate Plan, includes everything in the first two packages, and you also have full control over the system and can set up wireless video surveillance. You can access the live feed from your security cameras anytime online or via the Frontpoint app.

The Ultimate Plan protection service also supports advanced home automation. With this, Frontpoint lets you remotely control Z-Wave locks and thermostats. This, along with the lighting controls, forms the backbone of a home automation system, which enhances your security system.

While Frontpoint has many of the best features for home security, it does not have an emergency two-way intercom system that lets you speak with monitoring professionals after an alarm sounds; this is standard equipment in most home alarm systems.


Depending on your equipment configuration, Frontpoint can alert you when an intruder enters your home. This home monitoring service also offers you alerts for smoke and heat, carbon monoxide, flooding, and dramatic temperature changes. Frontpoint can detect natural gas leaks in your home, something most services cannot.

If you choose the Interactive service plan, you also receive instant alerts via email or text message that keep you posted on system activity. This is separate from the phone call you receive when your alarm goes off during an emergency. With these alerts, you receive a text or email when someone enters your home and disarms the system or when someone leaves and arms it on the way out the door. Frontpoint can also monitor family members with medical conditions and call for help if they have a medical emergency.

Equipment & Security Devices

Frontpoint uses wireless GE equipment, and you can customize your system to include as many or as few devices and features as you want. For home-intrusion protection, the company has cameras, door and window sensors, glass-break sensors, motion sensors, garage door sensors, and ear-piercing sirens.

To outwit burglars, Frontpoint provides different types of door sensors – the traditional variety that are visible and alert you if someone enters and recessed door sensors that can be embedded inside doorframes so intruders cannot see them. The garage door sensor not only informs you if someone is trying to pry the door open, but also reminds you that you might have absentmindedly left it open.

In addition, you can protect your house even when you are gone with an image sensor that quickly takes pictures and sends them to the mobile app when it detects motion. These are sensitive enough to detect something as low-key as an intruder quietly trying to lift a window open. However, you do not need to worry that the sensors will sound false alarms, especially if you have pets. The image only activates when it senses the moving object weighs 40 pounds or more.

Frontpoint’s equipment meets or exceeds all of the safety requirements for UL certification, which is considered by most safety experts to be the premiere safety-testing and certification organization for home and commercial products and processes. With a wide variety of security devices, this home monitoring company can help you create the best security system for your needs.

Help & Support

Frontpoint has a really great support system. It has the most extensive information available on its website of the services in our review. Among other things, you can find answers to a lot of questions in its FAQs section, thorough instructions for how to operate equipment, an interactive walk-through of a home to determine what equipment you might want and advice on how to get the greatest benefit from your home monitoring system. In addition, there are equipment guides for every device Frontpoint carries and videos describing how to set up your system and troubleshoot. The support site has a blog filled with articles on safety tips to educate you and your family about home security monitoring.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions in the videos, you can contact a representative via phone or by using th email form on the company's website. Equipment only comes with a three-year warranty; this is far shorter than the lifetime warranties most companies offer.


Frontpoint's home security monitoring is very reliable. It covers nearly all of your monitoring and equipment needs, and it offers an extensive knowledgebase so you can learn more about keeping your home and family safe. With such an impressive arrangement of services, equipment and customer support, Frontpoint establishes itself as the best home security monitoring company.

Frontpoint Protection Plan Get Quote