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Link Interactive Basic Fire & Security Package Review

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PROS / Link Interactive's online shop shows clear pricing for equipment and monitoring.

CONS / At one year, this company has the shortest warranty in our review.

 VERDICT / Link Interactive is a good home security company that offers competitive rates and a wide variety of equipment.

Link Interactive takes a different approach to home security monitoring compared to traditional security companies. The company works mostly through an online model. You buy your equipment from a website and install it yourself. This business model cuts out professional installers who come to your home, which allows Link Interactive to offer competitive monitoring fees. It also offers a wide selection of equipment and even has a partnership that allows Costco members to get discounted equipment and monitoring. The company provides good customer support but only a short warranty.

Link Interactive Basic Fire & Security Package Compare Quotes

This company has lower monitoring fees than its competitors. In spite of higher starting costs than you'd see with the best home security companies, the total amount you pay over the course of Link Interactive's three-year contract is quite low. The contract's terms are relatively simple: You pay 100 percent of what you owe for monitoring services if you decide to cancel outside of the first 30 days you have the system. These cancellation terms are the highest you can find in the home security industry, much higher than the average of 75 percent.

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Link Interactive sells a broad range of equipment such as entry sensors, smoke detectors, security cameras, thermostats and smart locks. The company's website provides clear images, prices and descriptions of each piece of equipment so you can choose the right devices for your home. The fact that you can see the prices clearly is a step up from most home security companies, which don't provide as thorough a breakdown of what everything costs.

The company offers three alarm monitoring plans that you can customize to suit your needs. When you purchase equipment with your monitoring plan, Link Interactive takes time to program the system before sending it to you for installation. The company's website has an extensive section devoted to installation manuals in case you choose to add equipment later. These step-by-step guides walk you through physical installation and programming for every device Link Interactive sells. If you have problems with your system, you can contact Link Interactive via email, phone or live chat on the company's website. Link Interactive's one-year warranty is the shortest in our home security monitoring review, comparing poorly against services with lifetime warranty protection.


Link Interactive offers economical monitoring and a large selection of easy-to-install equipment. Unfortunately, the company's contract terms and warranty aren't very competitive. However, Link Interactive's customer support options are on par with the best home security companies.

Link Interactive Basic Fire & Security Package Compare Quotes