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Pros / SafeMart offers a broad range of home-monitoring services and security equipment.

Cons / The company does not install the devices it sells, so you will have to do that yourself.

 Verdict / SafeMart's unmatched, low monthly monitoring costs along with all the latest technology makes it one of our top ranked home security monitoring companies.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

SafeMart has not been around as long as some home security monitoring companies, but it knows how to satisfy its customers. The company offers a large variety of the best home security equipment, which you can find on its website. Add as little or as much as you want to your shopping cart, check out and then SafeMart will ship your order to your home.

It is important to note that SafeMart does not provide installation services. It does, however, provide detailed instructions for installation. If you're not sure you can install a system yourself, don't worry too much, because wireless security systems are simple to install. Should you have any questions, SafeMart's customer service will be happy to help.

After a quick and easy set-up process, you are ready to begin monitored protection. Should anything happen while you are away from home, or if you are in a situation that doesn't allow you to call for emergency help yourself, SafeMart will assist you. Best of all, the company's monitoring fee is very competitive and the service is great. Although many home security monitoring companies have earned bad reputations, we have seen nothing but good from this one. Even if the company makes a mistake, it is usually quick to fix the problem.

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Fees & Policies

SafeMart shines especially bright for people who already have the latest in security equipment installed in their homes and therefore only need the monitoring service. This is because the company offers elite monitoring services for between 50 and 80 percent less than other home security monitoring services charge. Those other companies will typically give you a basic set of sensors free of charge, which sounds like a great deal, but in the long run, you will pay more for their service because of their higher monthly monitoring costs. This means that even if you need to buy equipment, stick with this service long enough because SafeMart is still your best option.

As with other home security monitoring services, SafeMart's UL-listed monitoring station is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The first thing you'll need to decide when buying a security system or signing up for home security monitoring from SafeMart is whether you want to have a phone line or cellular based system. Then, you purchase the devices that go with it. Most of the latest devices for sale on the SafeMart website are wireless for easy installation, but the company also sells wired setups if you prefer that approach. In many cases, you can choose to use a combination of wired and wireless devices hooked up to the same control panel.

The latest SafeMart alarms have several modes that affect how the devices work. For example, when you are setting your system in preparation to leave your home, the Leave command tells the system to expect activity for a short time without considering it an intrusion. You can typically program your device to have a delay between 30 seconds and two minutes to allow yourself enough time to exit after arming the system. When you are at home and wish to have the system armed, the Stay command tells the system to arm all entry and exit points but to disarm all motion sensors so you can still move around your home freely while having the perimeter secured.

Monitoring Services

SafeMart sells a complete range of wired and wireless security devices. The number and types of devices you will want depends on the size of your home, the number of entry points and your security goals. All security systems include a control panel, which is like the brain of the system, and a keypad with which you control the devices and arm or disarm the system. The control panel coordinates all of your devices and sends a trouble signal if one of the devices is set off.

For burglary protection, the typical system includes entry-point sensors, which are magnets that conduct an electrical current. When the two magnets are slid apart, the current is broken and the device is set off. Entry-point sensors only work when a door or window is opened, so many burglary systems also include glass-break sensors that detect the sound of breaking glass from up to 30 feet away.

It is also useful to get a motion detector or two to cover the high-traffic areas in your home, in case intruders get past the other two sensors. These high-traffic areas usually include hallways and stairways. There is one drawback to motion detectors to be aware of; large pets will set them off. A cat or a dog that is about the size of a feline or smaller will probably be fine, but anything larger poses a risk of setting off the alarm.

Some devices can be programmed to monitor your home at all times regardless of whether your system is armed or disarmed. One example is fire protection, which comes in two forms. SafeMart offers both smoke and heat detectors that connect to your home security monitoring control panel. The great thing about monitored fire protection is that if smoke or heat is detected while nobody is home, a signal will be sent to your home security monitoring station. The monitoring station will then contact the fire department, and your home will have the best chance possible of being saved.

When it comes to personal protection, you can also choose to purchase portable alarms similar to medical-alert pendants. These personal alarms come in the form of pendants or key fobs. The main purpose of a key fob is to arm and disarm your system without having to key in a pass code, but they also have a panic button that you can use in emergencies. SafeMart also sells security cameras and monitors in a variety of sizes and styles.

SafeMart offers a few different environmental-related sensors that are monitored whether your intrusion sensors are activated or not. The universally useful one is the carbon monoxide detector, because carbon monoxide is odorless and extremely deadly to all. You might choose to have a flood sensor to alert you if your basement starts flooding. There is also a freeze sensor for anyone worried about their water pipes on those extra cold winter nights.

All of these sensors and equipment are made by many different industry-leading brands. Through SafeMart, you can find a wide variety of these brands and buy the equipment you want. All security devices are sold separately, so it's up to you to determine which devices you want to install. If you're not sure, SafeMart has a team of experts who can help you by phone. The site also offers installation guides and videos to help you install your devices. Once they are installed, you'll be ready to use the company's home security monitoring services.

Installation & Support

When you buy a device from the SafeMart website, you will have certain pre-programming options so your devices arrive at your home pre-set with your desired options. If you decide later that you want different options on some or all of your devices, you can reprogram them yourself using the instruction manuals or SafeMart's 24-hour tech support. You can contact the support team by phone or email. SafeMart is one of the few home security monitoring companies that offer a live chat option, although the live chat support is only available during certain hours of the day.

If one of your devices is not working properly, the tech support department will help you isolate the problem over the phone. If your device is broken, you can order a replacement. Unless your device is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty, you will have to pay for the replacement device. As with most companies selling self-installed equipment, SafeMart does not have repair technicians to visit your home and check your devices, so repairs and maintenance are your responsibility.


SafeMart is a top choice among home monitoring services. However, since the company doesn't offer professional installation or on-site service, it may not work for everyone. On the other hand, SafeMartcan offer a wider range of devices than any other company on our lineup because it doesn't have to worry about training installation technicians to repair every device it sells. Variety of equipment and manufactures aside, this advantage also contributes to the significantly lower price for the company's monitoring service. In short, this home monitoring service is superior to every other company we reviewed, in nearly every way.

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