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AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Review

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PROS / You get an indoor siren with the basic plan.

CONS / You must pay for professional equipment installation.

 VERDICT / AT&T Digital Life offers a useful basic package designed to thwart intruders, and you can customize it with add-on equipment.

AT&T has recently ventured into the home security business through its AT&T Digital Life program. With its program, you can choose from three wireless security monitoring plans that offer 24/7 service and three equipment packages. You can also buy additional equipment to customize your home security coverage.

AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Compare Quotes

The Smart Security basic package includes a keypad, motion sensor, two recessed contact sensors, four surface contact sensors and an indoor siren, which is not always provided by the best home security companies.

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You also get two window decals and a yard sign. You can hide recessed contact sensors in places like doorjambs to see if someone is opening a door in your house. The contact sensors can also detect pressure if a window is being opened.

There is no need to worry that your pet might trigger the motion sensor since it does not detect pets weighing less than 35 pounds.

AT&T Digital Life offers two other plans with greater coverage, but you must pay more for equipment and the monthly service fee.

With all AT&T plans, the service contract runs for two years. If you want out before the agreement ends, you must pay $30 per month for the time remaining in your contract. There is one drawback if you are a thrifty, DIY type: You must pay to have the equipment professionally installed. Some home security companies provide free installation.

However, you get a lifetime warranty on your equipment.

AT&T Digital Life sends alerts through text or email, and you can check what's happening at your house from a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

AT&T Digital Life's basic plan is a good home security system, although it does lack a few things frequently seen with other home security companies. For example, its control panel does not include a two-way intercom so you can communicate with a company representative through the control panel if an emergency occurs. You also do not get natural gas leak detection or medical emergency alerts.

You can customize the basic plan by purchasing other equipment, including a keychain remote, smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass-break sensor and touch screen control.

You cannot reach AT&T Digital Life through email, unlike the majority of home security companies in our review. You can also use live chat or speak to a company representative by phone. AT&T offers FAQs and tutorials on its website.


AT&T Digital Life provides a good basic service plan. Unfortunately, you must pay for professional equipment installation, but equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. If you are in the market for a solid home security system, AT&T Digital Life is worth checking.

AT&T Digital Life Smart Security Compare Quotes