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Frontpoint Secure Package Review

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PROS / This wireless system connects with up to 39 sensors and your mobile device.

CONS / It does not provide a two-way intercom.

 VERDICT / Frontpoint's customizable security package makes it easy to cover the essentials of home security.

The best home security systems offer excellent security monitoring with an easy-to-install wireless system, the capacity for numerous sensors throughout your home and great customer support. Frontpoint possesses all these characteristics, and its versatile and well-rounded home security system easily wins our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Service & Support

Frontpoint offers three security monitoring plans: Protection, Interactive and Ultimate, along with three equipment packages. Each can be customized with additional equipment.

This cellular-based system offers a variety of mobile apps, which alert you when a security device is triggered in your home and provides follow-up communication.

Frontpoint can send you a wide range of alerts for incidents beyond intrusion, depending on the monitoring plan and equipment you choose. It can alert you to such things as floods and freezing pipes as well as medical emergencies. In a power outage, the system taps into a 24-hour backup battery and sends an alert.

Depending on which service plan you choose, you can get alerts from your email, text, by phone or via mobile apps. All alerts and messages pass through a control panel before contacting you or the Frontpoint monitoring station. These alerts are customizable.

If you sign up with this home security company, your contract runs three years. Should you opt out early, you must pay 80 percent of the balance. The equipment warranty runs for three years, which is standard in this industry.

The basic Protection plan offers protections against such things as intruders, fire, medical emergencies and environmental problems like gas leaks.

The Interactive plan adds email and text alerts, lighting control, and remote access via apps or the internet. The plan also offers geo services that allow you to set up a virtual fence around your home as well as a feature called Crash & Smash that can detect if someone tries to tamper with your home alarm system. The most costly Ultimate plan adds wireless video and advanced home automation.

When an emergency occurs, Frontpoint sends you a follow-up notification via text, phone or email to see if you are okay. Unfortunately, Frontpoint does not offer a two-way intercom that lets you use your control panel to communicate with an emergency representative when an alarm goes off.

Frontpoint is a self-install home security system, which means you can set up the equipment yourself in just a few minutes. The company's website site offers downloadable PDF manuals and online tutorials to help you with installation.

You can contact Frontpoint easily through email or phone. We found company representatives to be knowledgeable, pleasant and able to answer questions quickly. You also can make use of the website's extensive FAQs section. Frontpoint's GE security equipment comes with a three-year warranty.

Security Devices Included

Frontpoint's Secure equipment package is its basic one that includes a GE Simon XT control panel that communicates with up to 39 sensors. You also get four door and window sensors, a motion sensor that does not trigger an alarm for pets under 40 pounds, five window decals, and a yard sign.

Its intermediate Secure Plus package gives you these devices plus a glass-break sensor, and the advanced Professional Package has all this in addition to an additional touchscreen panel and indoor surveillance camera.

Additional Security Devices

Frontpoint presents a helpful selection of extra devices so you can customize the security system for your home. These include a smoke/heat detector that notes both smoke and any rise in temperature; a carbon monoxide sensor; glass-break sensors; garage door sensors; and recessed door sensors.

In addition, you can buy remote door locks, a water and flooding sensor, and light and thermostat controls.

Frontpoint's surveillance includes three security cameras: an image sensor that snaps a picture if it detects motion, an indoor pan-and-tilt camera, and an outdoor camera that can withstand extreme temperatures and still keep functioning.

The security cameras stream a live video feed you can view on any mobile device. You can also use the security cameras to check your house anytime using the Frontpoint mobile app. 

As with most home security cameras that integrate with security systems, you need the top-tier monitoring plan to use this feature. Frontpoint does not monitor live video feeds but can send you alerts when the security camera detects motion.


Frontpoint home security systems provide extensive coverage, even with the most basic security package. Its customizable abilities range from adding different devices in your home to the alerts you receive. The wireless system keeps your network functioning even through power or internet outages. Frontpoint offers plenty of capabilities and equipment to keep the things you hold dear secure, making it a top home security system.

Frontpoint Secure Package Compare Quotes