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Pros / Link Interactive offers an impressive 22 security devices in its equipment selection.

Cons / Your equipment comes with only a one-year warranty, which is short for this industry.

 Verdict / This veteran home security company presents a broad selection of equipment and, along with its set plans, gives you the opportunity to create your own custom security system.

Link Interactive is a national home security company that provides 24/7 cellular home monitoring and offers as many as 22 security devices in its various equipment offerings.

The equipment for this firm's residential security alarm system comes pre-programmed and you must install it yourself. However, you can rely on Link Interactive's customer service if you run into any difficulties either during installation or afterwards. You can prepare for this task by watching helpful how-to videos on its website.

Your contract with Link Interactive runs three years, which is average for the home security industry. If you cancel before the contract ends, you must pay the remaining balance in full.

This company's gold package offers basic home and fire protection. The monthly fees are average for the home security system companies we reviewed.

The equipment for the basic package includes an interactive color touchscreen control panel that can keep functioning due to its battery backup even if there is a power outage lasting eight hours. You also get two-way voice communication with Link Interactive operators in the event you need to speak to a company representative through the control panel. This plan also includes three door and window sensors, one motion sensor, one smoke/heat/freeze sensor, three window decals, and a yard sign.

There also are two other equipment packages. The intermediate one, the Energy Management & Secure Package, includes all the basic plan's equipment plus a programmable thermostat and two light/appliance module plugs you can control remotely.

The Premium Plus Video Package gives you the control panel, programmable thermostat, smoke/heat/freeze sensor, yard sign and decals as well as five door and window sensors, two motion sensors, and two light/appliance modules. In addition, it comes with an indoor camera with that gives you a live view of your home.

You can build your own custom system if you want, choosing equipment from Link Interactive's plentiful supply. Among other things, you can choose from several types of security cameras, a touchscreen deadbolt, recessed door and window sensors, a remote panic button and more.

You get 30 days to try the equipment and, if you do not like what you have received, you have a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, you get only a one-year warranty with your equipment, which is short in the home security industry.

As far as customer service, Link Interactive provides the video tutorials mentioned above along with customer support through email, phone and live chat. It also offers an unusual benefit, communication through Skype. Our experiences with Link Interactive were pleasant and worthwhile. We did not get a hard sell, although one representative did refer repeatedly to a promotion the company was offering at the time.

Link Interactive Basic Fire & Security Package Compare Quotes
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  2. 7  Link Interactive
  3. $29.95
  4. 2  MONI
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Link Interactive offers an abundance of equipment choices, 24/7 home security monitoring and the opportunity to create your own home security system by picking the equipment that suits your house. Unfortunately, the equipment warranty is a scant one year. However, Link Interactive provides enough options and flexibility to make it worth investigating.

Link Interactive Basic Fire & Security Package Compare Quotes