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Pros / You have a short contract of only 18 months.

Cons / You can customize your plan by purchasing add-on equipment, but you must pay a one-time fee in addition to buying the equipment.

 Verdict / Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome offers decent home security that you can customize, but you must pay to do so.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Time Warner Cable, the multi-faceted communications company, has branched out into home security. Its IntelligentHome monitoring plan provides five equipment packages ranging from the rather bare-bones Secure package to other, more fleshed-out packages offering video surveillance capabilities or home automation controls.

When you sign up for IntelligentHome, your contract runs only 18 months, which is the shortest contract duration of the residential security alarm systems we reviewed. The monthly monitoring fees are average for the industry, as are the startup costs.

If you cancel your policy early, you must pay $299. This is nullified if you move to an area where this home security company does not provide service. You will need to have all Time Warner equipment professionally installed.

If you already have security equipment installed in your home and are in an area where this service exists, you get a nice benefit: Time Warner can make use of that equipment for its monitoring services.

The touchscreen control panel links you to an emergency response center and includes backup capabilities via cellular and battery power in case the electricity goes out. You can make use of a free app or customer website so you can check on your home while you are away, and you get text or email alerts if the system detects something amiss in your house. In addition to letting you control your home security system, your control panel offers news and weather updates.

The Secure package is a basic package that offers a small amount of equipment: a control panel, two door and window sensors, and the choice of a glass-break or motion sensor. You can upgrade by buying additional equipment.

Time Warner's Security and Energy Package includes two window sensors, the choice of a motion sensor or glass-break sensor and a smart thermostat you can control remotely. By adjusting the temperature in your home during the day when everyone is at work or school, you can trim energy bills and still enjoy comfort when you come home by resetting the thermostat to a cooler or warmer setting before everyone returns.

The Security & Video Package comes with the same equipment, only instead of the thermostat, you get an indoor/outdoor camera that provides live video you can see on your touchscreen if you are at home or from a smartphone, tablet or laptop if you are away. The Security, Video View and Energy Package includes all the equipment in the other packages.

Other add-on equipment includes such things as controls for lamps and appliances, a key fob, a second siren that can augment an existing siren in your home, a carbon monoxide detector, a water/flooding detector, smart door lock and more.

Should you encounter any problems, you can contact Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome by phone or live chat. In addition, the company's website offers a support overview section and how-to videos. You also can check the FAQs page and user forums.

Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Security Compare Quotes


Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome gives you 27/4 home security monitoring with a choice of add-on equipment so you can customize your system. However, the equipment included the basic package is limited, and when you add more, you must pay a one-time fee along with buying the devices themselves.

Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Security Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks

Security Devices Included

Control Panel
Door & Window Sensors
Motion Sensors
Key Fobs

Installation & Support

Customer Service Availability
Equipment Warranty
1 Year
Installation Type
Support Channels
Phone Only
Home Automation Compatibility
Security Camera

Pricing & Services

Three-Year Cost of Ownership
Equipment Package
Monitoring Plan

Monitoring Services

Coverage Area
24-Hour Protection
Takeover Monitoring
Business Monitoring

Cost of Security

Monthly Monitoring Fee
Starting Costs
Contract Length
18 Months
Early-Cancellation Policy