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Pros / Frontpoint's high-quality cameras include infrared technology to give you clear night vision for up to 40 feet.

Cons / The equipment only has a three-year warranty.

 Verdict / Frontpoint is the best company for home protection services and has the best selection of equipment for a modest budget.

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Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Security Cameras here.

Frontpoint comes in at the top of our ranking of the best home security cameras. The company is one of the newest security providers in the industry, but it did its homework and noted what does and doesn't work for the competition. Frontpoint's online customer support is a full-fledged portal that can tackle most of your concerns. 

Video & Audio

You have a few service options with Frontpoint. Each plan includes 24-hour monitoring and intrusion-detection devices. There are also optional environmental, fire and life safety services. The Protection Plan is the basic service. It is entirely cellular, so even if your landline fails or is cut by a burglar, the monitoring system remains connected. The environmental devices detect natural gas, carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures, floods and heat.

The intermediate option is the Interactive Monitoring Plan. Along with the Protection Plan's features, it includes crash-and-smash alerts for if a burglar tries to destroy the control panel. In this case, the monitoring station sends emergency services unless you give the all-clear signal. You get instant alerts by phone, email or text if it detects intrusion or environmental threats.

For when you are on vacation and want it to look like you are home, the Interactive Monitoring Plan's lighting feature is one of the best tools. This power-saving tool lets you control your home's lights and small appliances remotely using a mobile app that is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. You can activate the lights manually or set a schedule for when they turn on. You can also set the lights to turn on with a high-pitched siren if the home alarm is triggered, bringing attention to your home and warding off potential intruders.

The Ultimate Monitoring Plan adds wireless video. Your home security cameras send the live feeds to your mobile devices or laptop. This plan also adds a home-automation feature that lets you arm your entire system even if you're not home. You can toggle lighting, lock your doors and control your thermostat from your smartphone, tablet or computer while you're away on long trips. Burglars look for unoccupied homes, so preventive features like this can be worth the money.

Frontpoint sends preprogrammed equipment to your home that you install on your own. The company makes this DIY project easier than it sounds with installation videos to help you through the process.

In addition, the website offers guides and videos with information about safety measures, security equipment procedures and equipment maintenance. The support resources detail everything so that you can educate yourself about the benefits of your new home security system.

If you have a question that the online resources cannot answer, you can contact company representatives by phone, email and live chat. The downside to Frontpoint's services is that it only offers a three-year warranty on the equipment. This doesn't compare with the lifetime warranties of other security camera companies. Frontpoint also offers one- and three-year contracts. Both contract terms offer equipment discounts, though the three-year plan has more.

Convenience & Operation

Frontpoint gives you three types of cameras to choose from: wireless indoor, wireless outdoor and image sensors. While three is not the best selection in our review, the cameras all come with night vision capability. With these three cameras, you can view the live feed from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Each home security camera has strong motion detection that prompts it to either take a snapshot or start recording when a sensor is tripped.

The indoor camera has a range of 20 feet and even includes infrared, which is rare for common fixed-point cameras. The infrared allows you to see in the dark with perfect clarity. The outdoor camera is designed to resist weather damage and captures 720p video outside your home. It records in color during daytime hours and transitions to black and white for night vision. The outdoor camera's night vision range is the best in our review at 40 feet.

Frontpoint also offers an image sensor that takes a still picture when it detects motion. The image sensor is the only one of the three Frontpoint cameras that you can get in the Interactive Monitoring Plan. The indoor and outdoor cameras both require the Ultimate Service Plan. All three cameras have HD-quality image recording. Frontpoint doesn't offer a pan-and-tilt camera, though, which would allow you to move it remotely for different viewing angles.

Help & Support

You pay upfront for Frontpoint equipment. For our review, we chose the Professional Package from Frontpoint's website. This is the default online package if you want a security camera. The package includes a control panel, a motion sensor, a glass-break sensor, a yard sign and five window decals to let people know your home is monitored. The four door and window sensors in the package is more than you get with security packages from other companies, which typically include three.

You can customize this home security package by adding as many devices as you like. Frontpoint offers other security devices such as key fobs, smoke detectors, sirens and home automation equipment as listed in our home security monitoring review. However, these additional devices are not included in the Professional Package and cost extra.


Frontpoint has basic plans in case you only need the bare minimum in protection. On the other hand, the company's premium plan makes full use of surveillance cameras, smartphone integration and 24-hour monitoring. The company has a full range of security products as well as excellent service offerings. Frontpoint is one of the best home security providers with a great selection of high-quality cameras to help you create the best home surveillance camera system you can get.

Frontpoint Ultimate Visit Site