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Pros / August Smart Lock is compatible with more smart home platforms than any other smart lock in our review.

Cons / This smart lock has the lowest potential to improve home security among the locks in our review.

 Verdict / August Smart Lock is easy to install, has many useful accessories and offers unique services. However, it lacks some security features of higher-ranked smart locks.

Editor's Note: The manufacturer has informed us that the HomeKit-enabled version of the August Smart Lock was recently updated to track when physical keys lock and unlock the door. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Smart Lock reviews.

August Smart Lock is a well-rounded device when compared to other smart locks. In fact, it is the only lock in our review to get a perfect score in three of five categories: convenience, design and control. The lock offers good technical support but lacks security features common to higher-ranked smart locks.

Security is August Smart Lock's weakness. August only met two of our test criteria by having software encryption and tracking the users in the August app. The lock does not track when physical keys unlock the door or tell you when it isn’t able to engage the deadbolt. While it has audio cues to tell you when it's working, it doesn't have a siren to deter intruders from entering your home. It also doesn't detect when someone tampers with your lock or tries to force the door open.

August Smart Lock is a retrofit that upgrades the deadbolt you already have on your door. While this makes it easy to install and lets you keep the keys you already have, it relies on the strength of the existing deadbolt to protect against forced entry and tampering, which often accompany burglars. You can add a keypad to August so your guests don't need a mobile app to come in. August doesn't offer a key fob accessory.

If you set security aside, August Smart Lock is one of the best smart locks. The lock's mobile app is convenient and works on both iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to send permanent, recurring and temporary keys to your loved ones. This is one of few smart locks with an auto-unlock feature, which uses your phone's location to track when you get close to home and unlocks as you approach the door. Similarly, August Smart Lock's EverLock feature auto-locks your door. In terms of design, August only needs a smartphone to work properly. The lock comes in four finish options and has an estimated battery life of nine to 12 months.

August is compatible with seven smart home platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Apple HomeKit, Xfinity, Wink and Logitech Harmony. This is more than other smart locks in our review. For HomeKit functionality, be sure to choose the HomeKit-enabled August Smart Lock, since the original version doesn't have HomeKit technology. You can add an August Doorbell Cam to your smart door to see who is at the door. August also offers August Access, a network of trusted delivery companies and repair services. If you schedule an appointment in the app, August sends a guest key for your home to that service.

For technical support, August offers a sizeable library of FAQs and video tutorials that is better than those of most smart door locks in our review. You can take advantage of the lock's one-year warranty by contacting email or telephone support. August doesn't have a live chat support service.

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    71.11 %


August Smart Lock is one of the best smart locks for convenience and control. While the lock won't compromise your security, it doesn't do much to improve it. In addition to extensive support services, the company offers August Access, which is a unique way to schedule service calls to your home.

August Smart Lock Visit Site